2023/8/21 Performance-related theater SIS company Performance "Itsuzoyaha" Urgent Notice (August 8)

Regarding this performance, the organizer has made the following announcement.


Masataka Kubota quits the stage "When is it?"
The cast will be replaced by Tetsu Hirahara.
In addition, due to the schedule accompanying this situation,The performance on 8/27 (Sun) will be cancelled.


We would like to make an urgent announcement regarding the Sith Company performance "Itsuzoyaha", which will begin on Saturday, August 8th.
Masataka Kubota, who was scheduled to appear in this work as "Ichinohe", was diagnosed with an avulsion fracture of the first cervical vertebra as a result of a medical examination due to discomfort in his neck.
As a result, Mr. Masataka Kubota was forced to withdraw from this performance, as he was diagnosed as having difficulty facing the long-term performance that will continue until October 10th.
As a result, Tetsu Hirahara, who has played an active role in many Takuya Kato works, will appear as the "role of Ichinohe".
Kubota-san's departure from the project is very disappointing, but above all, we believe that the highest priority is to strive for treatment and recovery.
We sincerely apologize for causing great concern and inconvenience to everyone who was looking forward to Mr. Kubota's appearance.

In addition, we apologize again, but due to the schedule decided from the beginning of Mr. Tetsu Hirahara, who suddenly appeared, we decided to cancel only the performance on Sunday, August 8th.Therefore, tickets for the canceled performance (27/8) will be refunded.Details of refunds will be announced on our website, SNS, etc. as soon as they are decided, so please keep your tickets for the canceled performance (27/8) in a safe place.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we sincerely ask for your understanding.
Please note that there will be no transfer for canceled performances or additional performances.
Although this is an emergency situation, the performers and staff will work together to deliver this work to everyone with all our heart.We would appreciate it if you could continue to support us.

Reiwa 5/8/21
SIS Company
TEL: 03-5423-5906 (weekdays 11: 00-19: 00)

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