"Mixed Theater Workshop-Children can also play if they walk"

Flyer table 350 Mixed WS201603 implementation

We walk around town and take pictures.
Create a chart from the photos you took.
Create a play from the karuta that you made.


A miscellaneous drama workshop that anyone from elementary school students to 20 years old can participate in.

This time, during the spring break, we all took a walk in the town of Sangenjaya and took pictures of what we found.
Based on the photo, we will make an original karuta and play with everyone.From there, I create a play.

What kind of play it will be depends on everyone who gathered.

Let's go out to the spring town!


2016/3/30(水)・31(木)・4/1(金) 10:30~16:00 Acceptance end
Schedule 2016/3/30(水)・31(木)・4/1(金)10:30~16:00
Target Elementary school students to 20 years old
get on Misaki Setoyama (Director of Minamosa, Playwright, Director)
Masayuki Yamamoto (Actor, Seinendan/Switch Research Institute)

Facilitator profile Misaki Setoyama
Playwright, director, Minamosa leader.He continues to be involved in theater productions with community members, such as workshops at the Setagaya Public Theatre, and the London Bubble Theater's Grandchildren of Hiroshima.He is currently performing a reading drama "Familiar" about an animal welfare center at elementary and junior high schools in Setagaya Ward.

Masayuki Yamamoto
actor.He belongs to Seinendan/Switch Research Institute.He has appeared in various works such as nationwide tours, overseas performances in France and other countries, and joint productions with South Korea.Outside of the theatre, he creates and performs works that are closely related to the region and its place.He also works as a facilitator at elementary, junior high and high schools, as well as workshops for adults at Ikebukuro Community College.
Place Setagaya Public Theater Rehearsal Hall
Entry fee 1,500 yen (3 times)
Recruitment number 20 people
*If there are many applicants, a lottery will be held. (The results will be communicated to everyone.)
Deadline Must arrive on Sunday, March 3
* If there is room in the capacity, we will accept applications after the deadline.

申 込 み 方法 (1) Title of workshop (2) Name (3) Address (4) Phone number (5) Gender (6) School name/grade (7) Date of birth (8) Workshop experience (9) ) Fill in a few words and apply by mail or fax (03-5432-1559) to the Setagaya Public Theater "Gochamaze Theater Workshop".You can also apply from the application form.

154-0004 4-1-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku Carrot Tower 5F
Setagaya Public Theater "Mixed Theater Workshop"
Setagaya Public Theater Gakugei 03‐5432‐1526
Remarks [Organizer] Setagaya Cultural Foundation
[Planning/Production] Setagaya Public Theater
[Sponsor] Setagaya City / Setagaya City Board of Education
[Sponsor] Toray Industries, Inc.

[Matters to request when applying]
At the time of application, it is assumed that you have agreed to the following items.please confirm.
◆Personal information received at the time of application will be managed in accordance with the Setagaya Cultural Foundation Personal Information Protection Regulations.
◆There may be cases where interviews or photographs are taken during workshops and lectures, and staff may take photographs and videos for the purpose of use in publicity materials and publications for non-commercial purposes.
◆Please refrain from taking pictures or recording videos during the WS/lecture.
◆Please fill in the necessary information accurately when applying.
◆If you are injured during a WS/lecture, if the organizer is at fault, we will compensate you within the scope of your insurance.
◆If you disturb other participants during the WS/lecture, you may be asked to leave.