"Body workshop for those who don't want to exercise"

350. Body workshop for those who don't want to exercise_wXNUMXI hear you should exercise, but I don't want to exercise.

I think "I have to move my body", but somehow it's really ok...

In the first place, I'm very bad at exercise.

My knees, hips, and many other places hurt, and when I think about it, I lose my motivation...

That's why I don't want to exercise.


Body workshop for such people.

Don't do strenuous exercise or sports.

Rubbing or rubbing your arms or legs,

Through movements that all the people who gathered can do without difficulty,

Face your body carefully.


Would you like to relax your body slowly without exercising?


Wednesday, December 2016, 3 9:13-00:15  Acceptance end
Schedule Wednesday, December 2016, 3 9:13-00:15
Target People who don't want to exercise, people who don't like exercise, people who just want to get in touch with their bodies
get on Tatsuya Kusuhara
Choreographer and dancer.He graduated from Tamagawa University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Art, majoring in theater. In 2002, he formed and presided over "APE".
With the theme of "Delivering HAPPY to many people", he creates works that can be enjoyed by many people regardless of nationality, age or gender, and performs them in Japan and overseas. Since 2005, he has also worked as an actor.
In recent years, we have been actively working on workshops for children and the general public, and outreach to schools, etc., aiming to realize expression activities and educational activities at the same time.
Part-time lecturer at Hosei University, Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tamagawa University, and Kunitachi College of Music.
In 2008, he spent half a year in Italy as an overseas study trainee for up-and-coming artists from the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Place Setagaya Public Theater Rehearsal Hall
Entry fee 500 Yen
Recruitment number 20 people
Deadline Wednesday, July 2016, 3
*We accept on a first-come, first-served basis.If there is room in the capacity, we will accept applications after the deadline.
申 込 み 方法 (1) Title of the workshop (2) Name (3) Address (4) Telephone number (5) Gender (6) Date of birth (7) Workshop experience (8) Write a few words , mail, fax, or use the application form.
Inquiries/applications 154-0004 4-1-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku Carrot Tower 5F
Setagaya Public Theater Curatorial "Body Workshop"

Phone: 03-5432-1526
FAX: 03-5432-1559
Remarks [Organizer] Setagaya Cultural Foundation
[Planning/Production] Setagaya Public Theater
[Sponsor] Setagaya Ward
[Sponsor] Toray Industries, Inc.

[Matters to request when applying]
At the time of application, it is assumed that you have agreed to the following items.please confirm.
◆Personal information received at the time of application will be managed in accordance with the Setagaya Cultural Foundation Personal Information Protection Regulations.
◆There may be cases where interviews or photographs are taken during workshops and lectures, and staff may take photographs and videos for the purpose of use in publicity materials and publications for non-commercial purposes.
◆Please refrain from taking pictures or recording videos during the WS/lecture.
◆Please fill in the necessary information accurately when applying.
◆If you are injured during a WS/lecture, if the organizer is at fault, we will compensate you within the scope of your insurance.
◆If you disturb other participants during the WS/lecture, you may be asked to leave.