“Citizen Participation Theater Project Developed in the Community”

~SPT Workshop Lab 2015-16~

Citizen Participation Theater Lecture 300 Image 150928At theaters all over the country, there are a variety of citizen-participation theater projects that local people not only "watch" but also "participate in."Over the course of two days, we will hold a “talk and discussion” where the theaters and creators who have been involved in such activities will introduce the project, as well as a “screening of the film.”


2015/10/21 (Wed) 13:00-17:00 Acceptance end
Thursday, October 2015, 10 22:10-00:20 Acceptance end
2015/10/21 (Wednesday), 10/22 (Thursday) 《Application for both days》 Acceptance end
Schedule “Citizen Participation Theater Project Developed in the Community”
"Talk & Discussion" Wednesday, October 10, 21:13-00:17
"Movie Screening" October 10nd (Thursday) 22:10-00:20
Message ■ "Talk & Discussion"
Wednesday, November 2015, 10 21:13-00:17 
Each project will be introduced for about 20 to 30 minutes.After that, there will be a discussion with the reporter and a question-and-answer session with the participants (about 1 hour).

Presented projects (in Japanese syllabary order):
Kani City Cultural Creation Center ala "Multicultural Coexistence Project Story Craft Story Series"
Reporter: Sayuri Mori (Bungakuza)
◎SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center "SPAC-ENFANTS Project 'Takase's Dream'"
Reporter: Yoko Narushima (Director, SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center)
◎ Setagaya Public Theater "Regional Story 2015 'That's Here, That's Here'"
 Reporter: Minako Eshi (Setagaya Public Theater Theater Department Curator)
◎Fujimi Citizen's Cultural Center Kirari☆Fujimi "Citizen's play 'Fujimi Monogatari'"
 Reporter: Chihiro Nakaide (Fujimi Civic Cultural Center Kirari Fujimi Business Manager)
◎ Ho no Kuni Toyohashi Arts Theater PLAT "Theater created with high school students" Ho no Kuni's transfer student "
 Reporter: Katsuyoshi Yahagi (Producer of Toyohashi Arts Theater PLAT)
◎London Bubble Theater x NPO Children's Community Net Hiroshima "Grandchildren of Hiroshima"
 Reporter: Yukie Ogasawara (NPO Children's Community Net Hiroshima)

■ "Film Screening"
October 2015, 10 (Thursday) 22:10-00:20 (Six films will be screened. Individual works can be viewed.)
The video of the project announced the day before will be screened in its entirety.

10:00-11:25 Honokuni Toyohashi Arts Theater PLAT
A play created with high school students "Honokuni no 'Transfer Student'" (2014, 85 minutes)
Oriza Hirata's "Transfer Student" was directed by Amayadori's Junichi Hirota, and was performed in an art space by a professional staff, 21 high school cast members selected through an audition, and nine staff members.

11:40-12:40 London Bubble Theater x NPO Children's Community Net Hiroshima
"Grandchildren of Hiroshima" (2015, 60 minutes)
In the summer of 2014, with the cooperation of the London Bubble Theater, children interviewed survivors of the atomic bombing as an initiative to hand down their A-bomb experiences through theater. performed for generations.

12:50-13:40 Kani City Cultural Creation Center ala
Multicultural Coexistence Project Story Craft Story 3 “Once upon a time” (2015, 50 minutes)
People gathered regardless of nationality, age, disability, etc.From the script to the costumes and the stage art, everyone came up with ideas and created a stage that everyone from 3 years old to adults can enjoy with crafts and drama.Through the making of theater, it became a project to foster the ability to build relationships with others by creating a community regardless of nationality or age.

(lunch break)

14:30-15:50 SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
"SPAC-ENFANTS Project 'Takase's Dream'" (2013, 80 minutes)
Ten junior and senior high school students from Shizuoka Prefecture and French-based choreographer and dancer Merlin Nyakam created a dance based on the concept of "a dance that can restore hope for the future of children around the world."We performed in Shizuoka, Tokyo, South Korea and Cameroon.

16:00-17:15 Setagaya Public Theater
"Regional Story 2015 'There is this, this is that'" (2015, 75 minutes)
Over the course of three months, 20 multi-generational participants with experience in caregiving and nursing care were invited to create works based on their personal experiences through interviews with each other. bottom.

17:30~20:25 Fujimi Civic Cultural Center Kirari☆Fujimi
"Citizen's play 'Fujimi Monogatari'" (2015, 175 minutes)
Over the course of two years, artistic director Junnosuke Tada worked with citizens to create a play about a story that lives on in the town of Fujimi. In March 2, 2015 participants, ranging from fourth grade elementary school students to people in their 3s, performed a two-year culmination performance using the entire theater.
Place Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center Workshop Room A (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 4F)
Entry fee October 10 (Wednesday) 21 yen
October 10nd (Thursday) Free
*Please pay at the venue on the 21st.
Recruitment number About 40 people each time
*We will accept on a first-come, first-served basis.Please note that the reception will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
申 込 み 方法 Please use the application form or contact the theater (03-5432-1526).
Setagaya Public Theater Gakugei 03-5432-1526
Remarks [Organizer] Setagaya Cultural Foundation / International Theater Association Japan Center
[Planner] Setagaya Public Theater / International Theater Association Japan Center
[Sponsor] Toray Industries, Inc.

[Matters to request when applying]
At the time of application, it is assumed that you have agreed to the following items.please confirm.
◆Personal information received at the time of application will be managed in accordance with the Setagaya Cultural Foundation Personal Information Protection Regulations.
◆There may be cases where interviews or photographs are taken during workshops and lectures, and staff may take photographs and videos for the purpose of use in publicity materials and publications for non-commercial purposes.
◆Please refrain from taking pictures or recording videos during the WS/lecture.
◆Please fill in the necessary information accurately when applying.
◆If you are injured during a WS/lecture, if the organizer is at fault, we will compensate you within the scope of your insurance.
◆If you disturb other participants during the WS/lecture, you may be asked to leave.