"Theatre and Society/The Work of Theater Production"

SPT x ITI Lecture Series “Understanding contemporary theater around the world” July-October 2015

“Learn about contemporary theater around the world! What is the Lecture Series?
The Setagaya Public Theater (SPT), a public theater that engages in activities ranging from the creation of front-line productions to public awareness and human resource development projects for the local community, and the International Theater Institute Japan Center (ITI), which is the most knowledgeable about the world's theatrical trends, have teamed up. Lecture series I put together.
This year, we will develop lectures to learn about contemporary theater with the pillars of "contemporary theater in the world," "theater education in the world," "theater and education," and "theater and society."
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March 10 (Wednesday) 7:18-30:21 Acceptance end
Schedule ■ Theater and Society
"Theatrical Production Work -Case Studies for Career Formation"
October 10 (Wednesday) 7:18-30:21
Lecturers: Yuko Uematsu (Chairman of Specified Non-Profit Organization Explat), Minako Eshi (Setagaya Public Theater Theater Department Curator), Tomoki Ogawa (President of Specified Non-Profit Organization ST Spot Yokohama), Akiko Sano (Planning Office, Arts Council Tokyo) Senior Program Officer, Grants Division), Kenta Fujiwara (Executive Director, Open Network for Performing Arts Producers <ON-PAM>)
Message In the performing arts industry, there are many people who find themselves at a dead end and quit before the age of 30, even after starting work. I would like to introduce the changes in my work and organization.Looking back on five case studies of how he built up his career through a variety of options, and looking back on his turning points, he asked what he needed to do in order to continue his work in production, and what kind of expertise he had. I would like to consider how to cultivate it and how to develop my career.
Place Vol.1 Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center Workshop Room A (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 4F)
lecturer "profile"
■ Theater and Society
Vol.1 “Theatrical Production Work – Case Studies for Career Development”
Yuko Uematsu
A freelance performing arts producer, chairman of the non-profit organization Explat, and a student of the Kobe University Graduate School for International Cooperation Studies (Political and Regional Studies Program). During.

Minako Eshi
Setagaya Public Theater theater department curator.After being in charge of programs with Southeast Asia, such as "Arts Management Training for Public Theaters," he is currently in charge of planning and managing general awareness-raising projects and human resource development projects.

Tomoki Ogawa
Chairman of ST Spot Yokohama, a non-profit organization.He is in charge of the Yokohama Art Site, which supports the cultural activities of local private organizations, and the Yokohama City Arts and Culture Education Platform, which connects schools and art sites.

Akiko Sano
After working at an international cooperation organization, studied abroad at the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA).After returning to Japan, he worked at the Fukuoka City Arts and Culture Foundation, the Kichijoji Theater, and the Setagaya Public Theatre, where he worked in theater production, educational outreach, and theater management.

Kenta Fujiwara
Belongs to Nebula Extra Support Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman of NPO Explat, Director of NPO Performing Arts Producers Open Network, and Researcher of Arts Council Tokyo.Her main job is to train creators and improve the employment and working environment.
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