"Contemporary theater around the world"

SPT x ITI Lecture Series “Understanding contemporary theater around the world” July-October 2015

“Learn about contemporary theater around the world! What is the Lecture Series?
The Setagaya Public Theater (SPT), a public theater that engages in activities ranging from the creation of front-line productions to public awareness and human resource development projects for the local community, and the International Theater Institute Japan Center (ITI), which is the most knowledgeable about the world's theatrical trends, have teamed up. Lecture series I put together.
This year, we will develop lectures to learn about contemporary theater with the pillars of "contemporary theater in the world," "theater education in the world," "theater and education," and "theater and society."
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7/29 (Wednesday) 19:00-21:00 Acceptance end
9/15 (Tue) 19:00 ~ 21:00 Acceptance end
10/13 (Tue) 19:00 ~ 21:00 Acceptance end
Schedule ■ Contemporary theater around the world
Vol.1 “Untold story of Islamic culture and theater in Pakistan”
7 month 29 Date (water) 19: 00 ~ 21: 00
Lecturer: Kazuyuki Murayama (part-time lecturer at Wako University)

Vol.2 "The World of Robert Lepage's Work and Its Charms"
9 month 15 day (Tue) 19: 00 to 21: 00
Lecturer: Shintaro Fujii (Professor, Waseda University)

Vol.3 “Touching African Theater: The World of Wole Soyinka”
10 month 13 day (Tue) 19: 00 to 21: 00
Lecturer: Fumiko Awaihara (Faculty of Hosei University)
Message ■ Contemporary theater around the world
Vol.1 “Untold story of Islamic culture and theater in Pakistan”
Pakistan, along with India, became independent from British rule in 1947. Muslims account for 98% of the total population.Although there is a censorship system for depictions of theatrical customs, except under military rule, as an Islamic nation, relatively free activities have been permitted.In this lecture, I will introduce the activities of "parallel theater" represented by the Ajoker Theater, which has a social influence in the theater that is currently seen in Pakistan.I would also like to introduce traditional stage performances that form the basis of parallel theater.

Vol.2 "The World of Robert Lepage's Work and Its Charms"
Robert Lepage is a director and actor who has been active on the front lines of the world since the 1980s.While taking up some of his most representative works, it develops without losing the visuality that is characteristic of the skillful use of video and stage equipment, the multiplicity and transversality of language, culture, and media, and the sense of playfulness. I would like to approach the source of the charm of Robert Lepage's works through several keywords such as meta-theater-like thinking, collective creation and work-in-progress methods, and the Quebec character that underlies them. .

Vol.3 “Touching African Theater: The World of Wole Soyinka”
Wole Soyinka (1934-) is a Nigerian writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986, becoming the first African to receive it.Many of Soyinka's theatrical works have been highly acclaimed not only in Nigeria and Africa, but also internationally.This lecture will focus on "The Madman and the Expert" (12), which is scheduled to give a leading lecture at the upcoming ITI-sponsored "Theater Born in Conflict Areas 1970" in December. 1975), as well as his own artistic theory and various activities, we will give an overview of a cross-section of contemporary African theater.
Place Vol.1 and 3 Setagaya Culture and Life Information Center Workshop Room A (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 4F)
Vol.2 Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center Seminar Room A (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 5F)
lecturer "profile"
■ Contemporary theater around the world
Vol.1 “Untold story of Islamic culture and theater in Pakistan”
Kazuyuki Murayama
Born in 1964.Cultural Studies of South and West Asia.He has lectured on the South Asian epic Mahabharata and Sufi performing arts at Wako University and Rikkyo University.He is in charge of the Japanese translation of "Burkavaganza" by Pakistani playwright Shahid Nadeem, and cooperated with the reading performance in December 2014.

Vol.2 "The World of Robert Lepage's Work and Its Charms"
Shintaro Fujii
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Waseda University (French-speaking performing arts theory, cultural policy studies).He has written and supervised the book "Creativity in the Post-Drama Age" (Hakusuisha, 2014), co-translated "Theatrical Textbook" (Kokusho Publishing Association, 2009), and co-edited "Theatrical Keywords" (Perikansha, 2005). year), etc. He is also in charge of the translation of Homura Ansandy (Theater Tram, 2014).

Vol.3 “Touching African Theater: The World of Wole Soyinka”
Ayako Aihara
Faculty of International Culture, Hosei University.His specialty is African literature and culture, especially novels from English-speaking and French-speaking Africa.His translations include Chinua Achebe's "Crumbling Bonds", Arundhati Roy's "Guerillas and the Forest", and Vijay Prashad's "Brown World History".
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Recruitment number About 30 people each time
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