2015 Setagaya Public Theater summer vacation university intern recruitment

The Setagaya Public Theater is recruiting student interns for the children's project workshops and performances that will be held during the summer vacation.
The purpose of this event is to provide an opportunity to come into contact with the work of people involved in performing arts at the Setagaya Public Theater, and to think about performing arts, workshops, theaters, and the region.

Those who participate in this summer internship can participate in the "Setagaya Workshop Lab" lectures throughout the year for free.In addition, interns for performances hosted by the Setagaya Public Theater that will be held from autumn onwards will be able to participate by arrangement.

If you are interested, please apply.

■ Target
(1) Those who are enrolled in a four-year university or graduate school and are in their first year or above in 4.
(2) Those who are interested in the activities of the Setagaya Public Theater and wish to work in the theater or performing arts in the future.

■ Summer vacation university student intern target business
Please apply for a project in which you can participate all day.
Details of the project will be announced on the theater website by early June.
[Workshop business]
A."Theater Workshop for Elementary School Students Lower Grade Course (1)"
  July 7 (Fri)-24 (Sun) 26:9-00:18
Two."Theatrical Workshop for Junior High School Students"
  July 7 (Mon) - August 27 (Sat) 8:1-9:00
Three."Theater Workshop for Elementary School Students Upper Grade Course"
  August 8 (Thu) - 5 (Sun) 9:9-00:18
Four."Theater workshop for high school students"
  August 8th (Mon)-17th (Wed) 19:9-00:18
XNUMX."Theater Workshop for Elementary School Students Lower Grade Course (2)"
  July 8 (Fri)-28 (Sun) 30:9-00:18

[Performance business]
XNUMX.◎ Story-telling for children and adults"Forest of Stories"
  September 7th (Monday) to 27th (Thursday) 30: 9-00: 22
XNUMX.dancing manga"Choujuugiga"
XNUMX.Terumasa Hino presents “Jazz for Kids”
  8月8日(土)・9日(日)11:00~18:00 12日(水)~16日(日)9:00~22:00

■ Business Areas
[Workshop business]
Assisted in the preparation and execution of drama workshops held in theaters for elementary school students to high school students.
[Performance business] Production assistant from preparation to implementation of sponsored performances.

■ Flow from application to training
(1) Must arrive by Friday, June 2015, 6 
Please select the desired project from the above target projects and mail the application documents to the following.
Setagaya Public Theater 154F Carrot Tower 0004-4-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku 1-5 "Setagaya Public Theater Summer Vacation University Student Intern" Section
(2) Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 27th from 28:14 to 00:16 Those who apply for the lecture "Theater Workshop: Introduction" can participate for free.
(3) From after the deadline to July 7th (Monday), we will contact you after determining the internship based on the application documents. (Possibility of interview)
(4) After Monday, July 7th, a pre-meeting for interns will be held.
(5) Conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding on Internship Implementation between the Setagaya Public Theater and the student.
(5) Start of internship.

* Those who participated in the summer vacation university internship
(1) Lecture: You can participate in the Setagaya Workshop Lab (annual) for free.
(2) Performance production intern: We will arrange an internship for a performance hosted by the Setagaya Public Theater from autumn onwards, in coordination with applicants.
Target performances: "Robert Lepage Written and Directed New Performance", "Murmürmur",Contemporary Nogaku VIII "Dogenzaka Kitan", "Tsuyoshi Shirai x Kim Sung-yeon 'Primary Color Impulse'" etc.

Inquiries: Setagaya Public Theater "Summer Vacation College Student Interns" 03-5432-1526
■ About application documents
Please download the application form below.
*Please note that application documents will not be returned.The personal information received will be used only for the purpose of determining participants and will be discarded responsibly by us.

Summer vacation college student intern application form Download