“Theater Workshop: Introduction”

~SPT Workshop Lab 2015-16~

Citizen Participation Theater Lecture 300 Image 150928The Setagaya Public Theater regards theater workshops as a tool for each individual living in the community to proactively address local issues, connect with them, and build a more affluent civil society.In this program, those who are active as facilitators or coordinators of theater workshops, or those who want to be active, discover issues while working closely with the local community at their respective sites, and plan and implement theater workshops that respond to these issues. I am aiming to be able to do it.

This year, we will focus on theater workshops in the "citizen participation type theater creation" and "educational settings".
"Citizen participation type theater creation" is currently being worked on at theaters and cultural facilities all over the country.On the other hand, theater workshops in the "educational setting" are a form of learning in which learners can proactively discover problems, think about them, and collaborate with others to work on them. noticed and implemented.
What is actually done in each theater workshop, and what are they achieving?What kind of theater workshops would you like to see in the future?We will discuss each of these by taking up practical examples.

Saturday, June 2015, 6 27:14-00:16 Acceptance end
Sunday, June 2015, 6 28:14-00:16 Acceptance end
Schedule 2015
June 6th (Sat) and 27th (Sun) 28:14-00:16 (00 times)
Message The word workshop has come to be seen in various places.However, when asked what it is, the definition is ambiguous and the forms of practice vary.However, precisely because it is ambiguous, the workshop has shown a diverse spread.What was the purpose of its birth, how did it spread, and how did theater and theater get involved in it?In this course, we will look back on the history of workshops, explore their roots and the background of their diversification, and explore what we call "workshops" today, and how workshops will evolve in the future. We will consider together whether to expand.
Place Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center Seminar Room A (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 5F)
lecturer Yurie Sonobe
Completed the master's course at the Graduate School of Education, the University of Tokyo, and completed the doctoral course. Since April 2015, she has been a specially appointed researcher at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies.As a part-time lecturer at Tokyo Gakugei University and Japan Women's University, she is in charge of classes related to theater workshops.Her specialties are learning theory for the elderly, theater education, and improvisational theater. In addition to conducting research and practice on the theme of "improvisation and learning for the elderly", she also works as an improvisational workshop facilitator/lecturer at the improvisational group "Improvisational Experimental School" and also performs on stage.
Entry fee 2,000 yen (2 times)
*Please pay at the venue on the first day of the course.
Recruitment number Approx. 30 persons
*We will accept on a first-come, first-served basis.Please note that the reception will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
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