1, Drama club 350st term_wXNUMXWe have arrived at the "Setagaya Public Theater Drama Club Junior High School Division".
Junior high school students from various schools gather at a theater called the Setagaya Public Theater to put on a play.

However, it doesn't matter if you've never done theater before!
The experiences, feelings, thoughts, and other things that everyone gathers together become theatrical performances.

People who are interested in theater even a little, whether they are in the drama club or not,
People who want to do something a little different than usual,
Or people who are not good at exercise but want to move their bodies,
Anyway, why don't you come to the theater once?

[1] May 5 (Sun) 24:10-00:16 Acceptance end
[2] 6月13日(土) 14:00~16:00・14日(日) 10:00~16:00 Acceptance end
[3] 6月20日(土) 10:00~16:00・21日(日) 10:00~16:00 Acceptance end
Schedule [1] The first “Setagaya Public Theater Drama Club”
   ~ Welcome to the new members! ~
Sunday, November 2015, 5 24: 10-00: 16

[2] The secret of movement
Saturday, June 2015, 6 13:14-00:16
       14th (Sun) 10: 00-16: 00

[3] What kind of person is walking?
Saturday, June 2015, 6 20:10-00:16
       21th (Sun) 10: 00-16: 00
Message [1] The first “Setagaya Public Theater Drama Club”
   ~ Welcome to the new members! ~
This is a day of hands-on experience for those who come to the Setagaya Public Theater Theater Club for the first time.On this day, I would like to introduce you to an example of how the "Setagaya Public Theater Theater Department" creates plays.
First of all, feel free to come to the "Setagaya Public Theater Drama Club" to try it out!

[2] The secret of movement
Have you ever been warned by someone, "Don't wobble!" even though you thought you were standing still?
Why is there a difference between what I "intend" to do and what the viewer receives?For once, let's face our movements carefully and explore the "secrets of movement".

[3] What kind of person is walking?
What is there in the town?Stations, shops, schools, companies, theaters...there are many roads that connect them.I go too.Anyone can pass
People are walking, running, waiting, talking, and silent.Then then….The town is full of "nothing" but "something curious".This time, I will go out to town and try to find something that interests people.
Place [1] Life and Culture Information Center Workshop Room (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 4F)
[2] Life and Culture Information Center Workshop Room (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 4F), Setagaya Public Theater Rehearsal Hall
[3] Setagaya Public Theater Rehearsal Hall
lecturer [Facilitator]
[1] Nao Kanaya (Director/Aoyama Nerimono Association)
Born February 1988, 2, from Saitama Prefecture. In 4 she entered Saitama Prefectural Arts High School Performing Arts Department.While she was in school, she formed the Aoyama Nerimono Association, a group that mainly does theater, and has been mainly in charge of planning, playwriting, and directing until now.
In 2007, he entered Nihon University College of Art, Department of Drama, and obtained a Japanese language teacher license.Currently, she is a part-time lecturer in Japanese, and in addition to her activities at the Aoyama Nerimono Association, she is also active as an actor outside, and conducts theater workshops.

[2] Tamami Yamada (choreographer/dancer)
Born in Nagoya in 1968.He majored in psychology at university.After graduating, she traveled to Europe and participated in her works as a dancer in various places such as the Netherlands and England.After returning to Japan, she mainly works as a choreographer.
In recent years, he has been doing a lot of work to create and present dances and stages with local people who gather by public recruitment.
In addition, I continue to think about how to connect "dancing" and "living" by holding workshops at schools, museums, and facilities for the elderly.
Part-time lecturer at Nagoya University, Aichi Shukutoku University, and Nagoya Gakugei University.

[3] Ayumi Tomiyama (Actor/NPO Theater Department Store)
Graduated from J. F. Oberlin University, School of Arts and Sciences, majoring in theater.
Joined the drama club in junior high school, and encountered a theater workshop in high school.
After graduating from university, in parallel with acting activities centered on the stage, he conducts workshops at schools and theaters as a facilitator.
Entry fee [1] 500 yen (all day)
[2] [3] 1,000 yen each (2 days each)
Target [1] XNUMXst to XNUMXrd year junior high school students participating for the first time in the “Setagaya Public Theater Theater Club Junior High School Division”
[2][3] Junior high school XNUMXst to XNUMXrd grade
deadline [1] End of reception

[2] The deadline for applications from the theater website of Secret of Motion has been closed.
Applications are only accepted by phone (theater reception 03-5432-1526).We will contact you by phone for details.

[3] Saturday, June 2015, 6
*Must arrive each time.We accept on a first-come, first-served basis.If there is room in the capacity, we will accept applications after the deadline.
申 込 み 方法 (1) Title of the class you wish to participate in (2) Name (3) Address (4) Phone number (5) Gender (6) School name/grade (7) Date of birth (8) Workshop experience ( 9) How did you find out about the workshop? (10) Please fill in a few words and apply by mail or fax (03-5432-1559) to the Setagaya Public Theater "Theater Club Junior High School Division" Section.You can also apply using the application form.

[Mailing Address] Carrot Tower 154F, 0004-4-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, 1-5
Setagaya Public Theater "Theater Club Junior High School Section"
Setagaya Public Theater Gakugei 03-5432-1526
Remarks [Organizer] Setagaya Cultural Foundation
[Sponsor] Setagaya Ward, Setagaya Ward Board of Education
[Sponsor] Toray Industries, Inc.

[Matters to request when applying]
At the time of application, it is assumed that you have agreed to the following items.please confirm.
◆Personal information received at the time of application will be managed in accordance with the Setagaya Cultural Foundation Personal Information Protection Regulations.
◆There may be cases where interviews or photographs are taken during workshops and lectures, and staff may take photographs and videos for the purpose of use in publicity materials and publications for non-commercial purposes.
◆Please refrain from taking pictures or recording videos during the WS/lecture.
◆Please fill in the necessary information accurately when applying.
◆If you are injured during a WS/lecture, if the organizer is at fault, we will compensate you within the scope of your insurance.
◆If you disturb other participants during the WS/lecture, you may be asked to leave.