Setagaya Public Theater Dance Restaurant Menu 7
Sankai Juku

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"Setagaya Public Theater Dance Cafeteria" aims to be a place where you can enjoy dance from various angles by inviting members of our familiar dance company.
The companies that will serve as restaurant owners this year are Sankai Juku, Kota Yamazaki, and Makoto Club.We will develop a fun plan like a set meal, which is a set of talks and workshops.
There are many variations of dance.For those of you who still don't understand dance and still don't like it, why not try a new taste at the dance cafeteria?You may become addicted to this taste with many secret spices!

[Workshop] April 2015 (Mon) and 4 (Tue), 20 21:19-00:21 Acceptance end
[Talk] Wednesday, May 2015, 5 13:19-00:20 Acceptance end
Schedule [Menu 7] Sankai Juku
[Workshop] April 2015 (Mon) and 4 (Tue), 20, 21:19-21:2 [XNUMX consecutive days]
Owner: Semimaru
[Talk] May 2015, 5 (Wednesday) 13:19-20:30
Owner: Amagatsu Ushio
Talk moderator: Eiko Tsuboike
Place [Workshop] Setagaya Public Theater Rehearsal Hall
[Talk] Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center Seminar Room (Sangenjaya Station Front Carrot Tower 5F)
lecturer "profile"
[Workshop] Semimaru
Dancer and choreographer.Presided over by Kurofujiin. In 1975 he participated in the founding of Sankai Juku and has participated in all activities since then. Starting with "Otogi Zoshi" in 85, he started his solo career. He published works such as "Kuchu Teien", "Moon Palace", "Prototype" and "Sculpture". In 90, he launched ``Kokutoin'' as a place to work on creative works with different members each time.拈花笑” and other works were published. Since 99, he has set up an atelier in the Kurobe River basin in Toyama Prefecture, where he holds training camps and performances every summer, and also teaches younger artists.

[Talk] Ushio Amagatsu
Director of Sankai Juku, choreographer and director. Founded Sankai Juku in 1975. Since 1980, he has been performing overseas, mainly in France and Japan, where he has been producing new works. Since 1982, he has co-produced 14 works with the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris. After the world premiere of his latest work at the Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center in March 2015, it will be performed at the Setagaya Public Theater in May, Singapore and Paris in 3.Outside of Sankai Juku, he also directs opera works. In March 5, he plans to publish a Japanese book "Dialogue with Gravity: From the Seaside of Memories to Sankai Juku's Butoh" (Iwanami Shoten), which is a major addition to the book published in France.
Entry fee [Workshop] 1,000 yen [Talk] 500 yen
*[Talk] will include performances at the Setagaya Public Theater at the time of registration, "Umi no Umi no Umi no Shiranu (Oka) - Meguri" (May 2015-5, 20) and "Memories of History - Umusuna." ] (May 24-2015, 5) will be free of charge if you present a ticket for one of the performances.
Target Those who want to know more about dance (no age limit).
Those who can participate in the workshop for two consecutive days.
Recruitment number About 25 people each time
*Accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.As soon as the capacity is reached, the reception will be closed.
deadline *Applications from the [Workshop] theater website have closed.
申 込 み 方法 Please apply from the application form from the application acceptance start date for each time.
《Application acceptance start date》
[Workshop] Monday, March 2015, 3, 23:12-
[Talk] April 2015, 4 (Monday) 13:12-
Setagaya Public Theater Gakugei 03-5432-1526
Remarks [Organizer] Sankai Juku / Setagaya Cultural Foundation
[Planning] Setagaya Public Theater
[Sponsor] Toray Industries, Inc.
[Sponsor] Setagaya Ward
[Grant] Arts Council Tokyo

[Matters to request when applying]
At the time of application, it is assumed that you have agreed to the following items.please confirm.
◆Personal information received at the time of application will be managed in accordance with the Setagaya Cultural Foundation Personal Information Protection Regulations.
◆There may be cases where interviews or photographs are taken during workshops and lectures, and staff may take photographs and videos for the purpose of use in publicity materials and publications for non-commercial purposes.
◆Please refrain from taking pictures or recording videos during the WS/lecture.
◆Please fill in the necessary information accurately when applying.
◆If you are injured during a WS/lecture, if the organizer is at fault, we will compensate you within the scope of your insurance.
◆If you disturb other participants during the WS/lecture, you may be asked to leave.