Dream Jazz Band Workshop 2015

Dream Jazz Band Workshop & Previous Stage Photo: Tomoaki Makino

Dream Jazz Band Workshop & Previous Stage Photo
Photographed by Tomoaki Makino

Dream Jazz Band Workshop…
This workshop is one of the "experience learning to nurture buds of talent" sponsored by the Setagaya Ward Board of Education.
Professional musicians active in the jazz world, including world-famous jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino, will be invited as lecturers, and the results of their practice will be presented as a "Dream Jazz Band Concert"* at the Setagaya Public Theater in August.
*This concert will be held at "Terumasa Hino presents 'Jazz for Kids'" hosted by Setagaya Public Theater.

dream jazz band workshop leaflet Download

Schedule Wednesday, April 2015, 4 - Sunday, August 29, 8 16:12 - 30:17
Place Ikejiri Elementary School, music room in the second gymnasium of Ikejiri Elementary School, Mishuku Junior High School, Setagaya Public Theater, etc.
lecturer Terumasa Hino: Japan's leading jazz trumpeter
Born October 1942, 10 in Tokyo.
Began playing the trumpet at the age of 9, and by the time he was 13, he was in a dance band at a U.S. military camp. Since the release of his first album as a leader in 1967, he has garnered the attention of the mass media to the point of being called a "Hinotel Boom". active in that direction. In 1975, he moved his base of operations to New York and worked with many musicians.After that, he released a series of hit albums and appeared in many commercials. In 1989, he became the first Japanese artist to contract with the prestigious jazz label Blue Note. Since XNUMX, based on his own dream of "Uniting Asia", he has increased his activities in Asian countries.
In recent years, in addition to performances, he has been passionate about charity activities and teaching younger generations, and is also active in the field of painting, such as solo exhibitions and publications of paintings. An international artist. Received the 2001 Art Encouragement Award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In 2004, he won the Medal with Purple Ribbon, the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival "Record Division Excellence Award", and the Mainichi Film Contest "Music Award".
Entry fee None (consumables may be purchased)
Target Setagaya junior high school student
・Please apply only if you can participate in all workshops except for school events.
・Club activities and practice days may overlap.Students participating in extracurricular activities should consult with their advisor before applying.
・This workshop requires experience in reading music.
deadline Must arrive by Wednesday, July 4th
申 込 み 方法 Please download the application form and leaflet, check the contents, fill it out, and apply by mail by the designated date and time.
154-8504 4-21-27 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku
Setagaya Ward Board of Education Secretariat Lifelong Learning, Community and School Cooperation Division
Setagaya Ward Board of Education Secretariat Lifelong Learning, Community and School Collaboration Division
Remarks [Organizer] Setagaya Ward Board of Education
[Production cooperation] iD Trust Co., Ltd. / RUN Co., Ltd.
[Planning/Production] Setagaya Cultural Foundation / Setagaya Public Theater