Setagaya Public Theatre


The Setagaya Public Theater opened in 1997 in Sangenjaya, Tokyo.From the beginning, we have been working with the goal of being a creative public theater, with dedicated production and technical staff, and have been engaged in creative activities ourselves.
At the same time, it was the first “public theater” to have a full-time curatorial staff, and has implemented the following five projects as its pillars.

(XNUMX) Workshops using the techniques of theater and dance for people in the area around Setagaya, Tokyo.

(XNUMX) Workshops for children.Workshops at public elementary and junior high schools in the Setagaya area of ​​Tokyo.

   A workshop for public elementary and junior high school teachers.Supporting the activities of the junior high school drama club.

(XNUMX) Digging into the environment surrounding theaters and performing arts such as theater and dance from multiple perspectives,

   Lectures, workshops, etc. aimed at disseminating performing arts as well as deeply exploring them.

(XNUMX) Audiences who are deeply interested in stage productions and who support theater activities.

   Students such as university students of art management department who will support the future performing arts world.

   Human resource development such as producers and operators required in the theater.

(XNUMX) "SPT" and "SPT educational", which supplement the activities of the theater sideways,

   Publishing magazines about workshops and other activities in the Setagaya area of ​​Tokyo and schools.

We have been actively working on the above.

Seeing the theater as a public space and using the methodology of theater as an analytical device to make things visible.
As a result, people living in the community will have the opportunity to reconsider their own community, how to coexist with others, and how to live as an individual, and find new possibilities and values. provide a venue.
Through these activities, we aim to make local communities richer and better, and to help people acquire new perspectives.
I also hope that what they experience at the theater will lead to their actual actions.

We believe that this is the mission given to us at the theater.

Local story WS presentation
Saturday Theater Play Park
theater tour

▼Schedule of finished workshops and lectures (Setagaya Public Theater, Tokyo)

04.05 to 04.05 "Day in the Theater"
~17th Anniversary Commemorative Program~
06.08 to 06.08 "Day in the Theater"
One-day “Theater & Theater” experience workshop
07.23 to 07.23 "Day in the Theater"
One-day “Theater & Theater” experience workshop
09.13 to 09.13 "Day in the Theater"
One-day “Theater & Theater” experience workshop
06.21 to 06.21 -Theater Tour 2014 "Macbeth"
03.25 to 03.29 "Spring vacation theater workshop for junior high school students Spring vacation of encounters and partings"
04.06 to 04.16 Dream Jazz Band Workshop 2014
04.26 to 04.27 Performance created with professional artists
“Tobazniha” junior high school students and high school students recruiting performers
05.17 to 06.15 "Setagaya Public Theater Drama Club Junior High School Division" XNUMXst Phase
05.24 to 05.24 "Pretty happy workshop patrol group"
Activity debriefing session for teachers by teachers in the field
05.31 to 04.20 summer!Let's dance at the Setagaya Public Theater!
Recruiting Elementary School Performers for Dance Company Condors Performance!
06.21 to 07.12 “Living in Setagaya – Moving and Moving People”
~Voices of Setagaya Archive Project 2014~
07.24 to 07.31 Setagaya Children's Project 2014
"Theater Workshop for Junior High School Students ~Creating Seeds~"
07.31 to 07.31 "Setagaya Public Theater Theater Club Junior High School Student Section" XNUMXnd Season
Recruitment information session
08.01 to 08.01 Pre-theater workshop by the performers of Coming from Darkness
08.01 to 08.03 Setagaya Children's Project 2014
"Summer Vacation Elementary School Workshop Engeki Dance Great Adventure"
08.05 to 08.08 Setagaya Children's Project 2014
"Theater workshop for high school students - read, move, try"
08.25 to 08.26 Program for Teachers 2014
Theater Workshop for Teachers “Hajime no Ippo and Mouippo”
09.11 to 10.22 Setagaya Public Theater Dance Restaurant Menu 4
Idevian Crew
09.14 to 11.09 Setagaya Public Theater Drama Club Junior High School Division XNUMXnd Stage
09.19 to 09.20 Group Antles Performance Workshop
10.04 to 10.04 "Living in Setagaya - moving, moving people" presentation to deliver "voice"
~Voices of Setagaya Archive Project 2014~
10.19 to 10.19 "Kujira" Children's Dance Workshop
Setagaya Art Town 2014 Related Events
11.08 to 12.13 Regional Story 2015 Pre-Workshop
“Troubles/concerns about assistance and nursing care”
11.11 to 01.13 Setagaya Public Theater Dance Restaurant Menu 5
Co.Yamada Un
11.13 to 12.07 "Body workshop for those who don't want to exercise"
11.15 to 11.16 "From the town of 3 minutes on foot"
11.28 to 11.28 "Tsuyoshi Shirai x Kim Sung-yeon Dance Research Workshop"
12.26 to 12.27 "Kochamaze Workshop ~ Children!Everyone gather~』
01.06 to 01.07 Children's Project 2015 New Theater Performance
"Takuro Suzuki Playing Theater Children's Workshop"
01.06 to 01.07 "Theater workshop for elementary school students New Year's special! 』
01.11 to 03.22 Regional Story 2015 Workshop
"Considering Assistance and Nursing Care"
01.17 to 02.15 "Setagaya Public Theater Drama Club Junior High School Section" Term XNUMX
01.20 to 03.22 Four-city collaboration project
"Birth and Raising of Everyone"
01.26 to 02.01 February theater tram performance related project! “Taste” workshop for junior high and high school students
03.22 to 03.22 Four-City Collaboration Project “Birth and Raising for Everyone” Workshop Presentation
04.01 to 04.04 "Setagaya Public Theater Theater Club Criticism Section Body ``Look, Write, Think''"
04.06 to 04.06 Setagaya Public Theater Dance Restaurant Menu 6
Akira Kasai Tenshikan
04.24 to 07.24 “Understanding theater education around the world”
~ SPT x ITI Lecture Series “Learn about contemporary theater around the world! 』
05.13 to 06.03 "Theater and Society"
~ SPT x ITI Lecture Series “Learn about contemporary theater around the world! 』
06.07 to 11.01 Performing Arts Critic 18 <<First half>> 
07.09 to 07.09 “Theater Workshop: Introduction” ~SPT Workshop Lab 2014-15~
07.13 to 07.13 "Screening + Talk"
~SPT Workshop Lab 2014-15~
08.29 to 08.29 “Theatrical practice in the community”
Vol.1 London Bubble Theater Company
~SPT Workshop Lab 2014-15~
09.02 to 09.16 "Contemporary theater around the world"
SPT×ITI Lecture Series “Learn about contemporary theater around the world! 』
09.12 to 01.27 "From the scene of learning"
~SPT Workshop Lab 2014-2015~
10.14 to 10.14 "Video + Talk"
Vol.2 Regional Story 2014 "A Helper, a Helper"
~SPT Workshop Lab 2014-15~
10.28 to 10.28 “Theatrical practice in the community”
Vol.2 Ezuko Hall (Sennan Performing Arts Center) [Japan/Miyagi], Miyazaki Prefectural Arts Theater [Japan/Miyazaki]
~SPT Workshop Lab 2014-15~
12.09 to 01.15 "Seminar to think about the evaluation of theater workshops"
~SPT Workshop Lab 2014-15~
12.20 to 03.28 Performing Arts Critic 18 "Late Period"
03.17 to 03.17 Technical Theater Training Program [Safety Seminar & Theater Preview]
Building a safe and secure theater -Based on the case study of the renovation of the Setagaya Public Theater-
06.30 to 06.30 2014 Setagaya Public Theater
Summer vacation workshop business, university student intern recruitment
10.23 to 10.26 Technical Theater Training Program

Past workshop lectures