Day in the Theater 2007
One-day “Theater & Theater” experience workshop

"Theater seems a bit difficult" or "It's hard to go to the theater"
"Day in the theater" is a refreshing solution.
In a rehearsal room that is usually closed to the public, you can move your body and create simple stories.
While playing with theater, the theater and theater will become closer to you.
Please come to Day in the Theater to discover new fun.

Schedule 2007
(1) Thursday, April 4, 5:19-15:21 《30th anniversary program》
(2) Wednesday, April 4, 18:19-30:21
(3) Tuesday, May 5, 8:19-30:21
(4) May 5 (Sun) 13:14-17:XNUMX <<Mother's Day Special>>
(5) Saturday, June 6, 30:14-17:XNUMX
(6) September 9nd (Sun) 2:14-17:XNUMX 《SePT. in SePT series》
*After this, it will continue at a pace of about once a month.Please contact us
Entry fee 500 Yen
Target Anyone
Recruitment number Lottery 20 people (all the results will be notified)
deadline Basically 10 days before each schedule
If there is room, we will accept applications after the deadline.
申 込 み 方法 (1) Desired date, (2) address, (3) name (phonetic), (4) phone number, (5) age, (6) experience in workshops or theater, (7) a word. , write
Please send it to Setagaya Public Theater "Day" by mail or fax (Fax: 03-5432-1559) using the form below.
The reception is closed.
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