Musical "Colorful" rehearsal report

Music gently illuminates the sometimes severe journey of <I>


Musical "Colorful" rehearsal room



After committing a certain mistake and dying, I should have become a soul that could never be reborn, but I got a chance to try again in a "lottery".An angel told him that if he regained his memories of his previous life and realized the magnitude of his mistake, he would be able to return to the cycle of reincarnation. "Supposed to...?
Eto Mori's novel "Colorful", which depicts the journey of "I" gaining various realizations while living as a stranger, will be made into a musical.
The scriptwriter, lyricist, and director is Kaoru Kobayashi, who is highly skilled in the translation and performance of foreign musicals, and who is also enthusiastically working on the creation of original musicals.It is a musical that is attracting attention as a new work by Kobayashi, as well as a stage adaptation of a best-selling novel.


When I looked into the rehearsal room, which had just started, I saw Kobayashi and the cast members having a deep and wide discussion about the situations and feelings of each character.
For example, the relationship between Makoto and his family.Kobayashi not only asks the actors, "How do you feel when you say this line?" spread.
Or, for example, about Hiroka, her true first love. The discussion began with the question, "Does anyone know how Hiroka feels about doing 'papa katsu'?"
As the cast members of different genders and generations share their experiences and opinions, you can see that the characters and stories are realistically and deeply colored.


Musical "Colorful" rehearsal room


Since the original work has won the Sankei Children's Publishing Culture Award and will be performed as part of the "Setagaya Children's Project 2023", this work tends to remind us of a simple and sparkling family musical.
However, as you can see from the words “suicide” and “papa katsu” that have appeared so far, this is by no means the case.Nonetheless, just like the presence of the angel Purapura in the original story and the humorous narrative of "I", musicals have music that warmly illuminates the sometimes severe reality and makes it easier for children to understand.
The songs by Keiko Osaki that I listened to at the rehearsal hall were all filled with that role.In the actual performance, I'm sure that he will gently and powerfully embrace the audience of all ages.


Text by Asako Machida

<Performance information>

"Kubunkyo Art Caravan Project Let's go to the theater 3"
Setagaya Children's Project 2023 "Stage Edition"
AMUSE x Setagaya Public Theatre
Musical "Colorful"

2023/7/22 (Sat) - 8/6 (Sun)
Setagaya Public Theatre

[Original] Eto Mori “Colorful” (published by Bungeishunju Ltd.)
[Screenplay/Lyrics/Direction] Caori Covayashi
[Composition/Arrangement] Keiko Osaki
[Appearance] Fuku Suzuki, Ririka Kato, Hiroki Hyakuna, Yosai Ishibashi, Kazuzumi Kikuchi
Kanami Ayano Takuji Kawakubo / Jiei Kawahira and others

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