Let's experience the world of Summer Theater Rinkan School "Mercedes Ice"!Workshop report

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"Rinkan School", a project by Artistic Director Akira Shirai, opens for children to experience the theater!

A workshop was held with Akira Shirai, the director of this work, for the 16 children recruited through an open call to experience a scene from "Mercedes Ice" in the actual stage art.
At first, the children looked nervous, but as they warmed up, they walked around the stage and said their favorite foods out loud, and their tension gradually eased.
Then, when they put the houses and towers that were actually used in the work on the stage with their own hands and moved the prop spiders, everyone was fascinated and entered the world of the work.In the part where they read out the lines of the script, they read the long and difficult lines aloud.
At the end, everyone explored the backstage and shared a time like jumping into a picture book.


Comment from Akira Shirai

This year's Rinkan School performed "Mercedes Ice" on stage.
This is a project to let everyone experience being an actor using the sets and props used in the actual stage.
Everyone was nervous at first, but as they read the lines out loud and moved the miniature house on the set, they gradually began to enjoy being on stage.I especially remember Mercedes and everyone's facial expressions when moving the spider prop in the Hickory scene.
I hope that many children will come to like the stage and come to the theater.


*Unauthorized reproduction prohibited


Impressions of participating children (excerpt)

  • If you look at it from the butai's point of view, there are various kinds of furniture, and I think there are two ways to look at it, from the audience to the butai.It was a lot of fun.
  • it was fun. (Especially when it comes to clouds) It's hard for the performers to be very careful, but please do your best.
  • Thank you for your time today!I've been in the pig dance (ballet) before, but I thought it was a different feeling to climb the pig in the oshibai.
  • It was fun building the Tower of Shadows.
  • I was nervous at first, but I'm glad I was able to do things I normally can't do.
  • It was fun moving the props, so I'm looking forward to coming back (to the theater).
  • I could taste the excitement that is different from sports games.I was able to enjoy and be myself.
  • Even though I had seen a play, I had never tried it myself, so it was a lot of fun. When I thought about 500 people would watch that play, I felt that the actors were amazing.I'm really looking forward to going to see it next time.
  • At first I thought it was a difficult story, but it was actually very interesting and I was absorbed in watching it before I knew it.I hadn't seen it before, but this time made me want to see other works.


*Unauthorized reproduction prohibited


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