Taeko Nagai

Taeko Nagai

From time immemorial, people have left behind various elements of cultural heritage as traces of their daily lives. These cultural artifacts and practices include literature, painting, dance, music, and – perhaps the most comprehensive art form of all – drama.

Since 1997, Setagaya Public Theatre has followed a policy of creating contemporary plays that focus on “today’s” problems and of staging contemporary dance performances. In addition, the theatre promotes co-production ventures internationally in collaboration with overseas artists who continue to pursue cutting-edge creation in the performing arts field.

Our Artistic Director, Mansai Nomura, grapples with the challenges of integrating classical theater with contemporary drama to create a wide-ranging lineup of performances that are watched and enjoyed by a total audience of 200,000 people each year.

Among Setagaya Public Theatre’s other special features, we conduct an educational program aimed at local residents, we cultivate aspiring artists, and we carry out numerous workshop and lecture programs each year. In order to give sensitive members of the young generation more opportunities for encountering excellent theatrical art, we offer admission tickets for young people at half price and conduct a visiting school drama program, and we also give theatrical performances at facilities for the elderly.

Culture helps cultivate the joy of living and brings people peace of mind. At Setagaya Public Theatre, we will continue to pursue our efforts aimed at enriching people’s minds as a public theatre that disseminates its activities from our base in Tokyo’s Setagaya district to the world.

Taeko Nagai,
Chairman, Setagaya Arts Foundation/Director, Setagaya Public Theatre