About Setagaya Public Theatre

Setagaya Public Theatre is a theatre that explores the possibilities of new performing arts through specialized activities centered on contemporary plays and dance, together with free production and participation activities by members of the public.

Located inside Carrot Tower, a well-known landmark in front of Sangenjaya Station, in addition to two performance spaces, the main 600-seat Setagaya Public Theatre and the small 225-seat Theatre Tram, there are a diversity of spaces for drama production such as a rehearsal studio, a work space, and a sound studio, etc. In order to realize the overall purpose of using these facilities to link the lives of the citizens with culture and art, Setagaya Public Theatre has continued to mount diverse performances and public awareness human resource development programs ever since its opening in 1997.

Moreover, the Setagaya Public theatre should not be regarded simply as a facility but as a new operating style in which the Artistic Director and the professional staff in the production, arts and sciences, and technology fields are constantly attracting attention from other public theatres nationwide.

Setagaya Public Theatre History


April 1997 Setagaya Public Theatre opened.
Makoto Sato appointed Artistic Director.
1999 Received an Excellence Award for Theater Architecture from the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT).
August 2002 Mansai Nomura appointed Artistic Director.
January 2005 Received a First JAFRA Award (Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award)
April 2007 Celebrated its 10th anniversary.
April 2017 Celebrated its 20th anniversary.
April 2022 Akira Shirai appointed Artistic Director.
April 2022 Celebrated its 25th anniversary.