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Setagaya Public Theater curatorial business

Since its opening in 1997, the Setagaya Public Theater has been engaged in the creation and performance of works [performance business], and as a theater open to the community, it has been used to experience and utilize theater in connection with the community [curatorial business]. has been developed.
As the importance of acknowledging diversity and living together increases, people with different ways of thinking and backgrounds meet and talk through workshops at theaters, participation in festivals in town, and presentations on stage. We aim to play a role as a place to regain the power to live.

Five business pillars

  1. Board
    [For children]
  2. Board
    [Citizen Participation]
  3. Regional cooperation
  4. professional development
  5. publications, etc.

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Future academic program

× program [For children]

From babies to elementary school students, junior high school students, and high school students, we hold workshops where children can encounter, see, feel, and enjoy performing arts such as theater and dance. We are also working on the department.

For children

<Implementation program>
Children's mix workshop
Setagaya Children's Project <<Workshop>>
Setagaya Public Theater Junior High School Drama Club

× program [Citizen Participation]

We aim to revitalize the local community by expanding from programs in which local people can casually participate according to their interests to programs in which they can take their time.You can experience the theater and the city in various ways, from the monthly "Day in the Theater" to the theater workshops such as "Regional Story" for three months, and the festival held in the town of Sancha.

Citizen participation

<Implementation program>
◎ General target
Day in the Theater
"Regional Story" Workshop
Setagaya Public Theater Dance Cafeteria
◎Citizen participation
"Free Stage"
Setagaya Art Town "Sancha de street performance"


3.Regional cooperation

In collaboration with Setagaya Elementary and Junior High Schools, local non-profit organizations, social welfare corporations, etc., we carry out a variety of theater performances aimed at resolving issues faced by the local community.
*Participation is possible via a partner.

Community/school collaboration program, recruitment of participating organizations
``Would you like to plan a theater workshop together? ”
The Setagaya Public Theater is looking for local facilities, non-profit organizations, and municipal elementary and junior high schools to partner with and work on theater workshops.

Regional cooperation

<Implementation program>
◎ Municipal elementary and junior high school cooperation program
Pretty happy workshop patrol group
Setagaya junior high school drama club support
◎Municipal facility cooperation program
Shimouma Area Art Project
◎ Mobile Theater At Home Performance


4.professional development

As a place to develop specialists in the performing arts, we run programs for workshop facilitators, stage technicians, researchers, and university students.
In particular, in the Theater Workshop Lab, about 60 people who have practiced theater workshops, or who want to practice theater in the future, will serve as researchers. We develop programs to generate value and ideas.

professional development

<Implementation program>
◎Theater Workshop Lab
◎ Stage technology course


5.publications, etc.

"Gakugei Program Tsushin" and "CarroMag." introduce activity reports and daily efforts in cooperation with facilities and organizations in the city.

Curatorial Program Correspondence

Curatorial Program Correspondence

Curatorial Program CorrespondenceWe publish activity reports of theater workshops and lectures held at the Setagaya Public Theater.



CarroMag.Introduces daily efforts to conduct theater workshops in collaboration with theater rehearsals, facilities and organizations in Setagaya Ward.

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