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Setagaya Public Theater @ home performance
"Forever with you ~My father is a robot~"

Performance period
November 2014, 06 (Monday) to February 02, 2014 (Monday)
Performed at 13 facilities for the elderly in Setagaya Ward
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image/Koyo Yamamoto/Ikuko Taniguchi/Yohei Imoto/Seiji Nozoe

Every year, Setagaya Public Theater holds performances at home so that elderly people who cannot go to the theater can enjoy theater in a casual manner.
Actors who are usually active on the stage will visit the facility and perform a play in front of you.
This year is the 5th year!Facilities and theaters will work together, and 13 performances will be held at special nursing homes and day services in the city.

The performance will be "Forever with you ~ My father is a robot ~".
A slapstick human love story about a girl who lives in the forest and her robot father, a slightly unusual parent and child, and the forest residents who surround them.When the play premiered last year, he said, "From the beginning to the end, I was 'nailed'." I received a comment from the facility staff watching over.

How is the performancetheater blogI'm telling you.Please look forward to it!

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≪Performer profile≫
Nozoe Seiji Script/Director/Performer
Writer, director, actor.He is the director of the theater company Haegiwa.In 1999, when he was in college, he founded the theater company Haegiwa.Since then, he has written and directed all his works, and has also appeared in them himself. In 2012, he won the 56th Kishida Kunio Drama Award for "○○ Toaru Scenery".He has participated in many external performances as a scriptwriter, director, and actor. He is active in a wide range of activities, including appearances in TV dramas and movies.His major appearances in recent years are TV dramas: “Going My Home,” “Urban Densetsu no Onna,” and “Fateful Person.”Movies: "Typhoon Family", "TOKYO Teyandy", "Seaside Motel", "Ultra Miracle Love Story" and others. In May, he directed "Ionesco's "Isu" by Ionesco in "Theatrical Reading: Writers Who Established the Era" at Theater Tram.The 5th performance of Haegiwa is scheduled to be performed at Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater East from August 27rd to 8st.

● Koyo Yamamoto
Studied pantomime in New York.After returning to Japan, he studied butoh at the "Dance School" led by butoh artist Min Tanaka. Since 1989, she has been developing "KOYO MIME LIVE" mainly at Shibuya Jean Jean and Ginza Shogekijo. Since 1991, she has been a regular performer in Mugon Geki Company's Image Cine Circus.She is a certified Tokyo Heaven Artist and is active as a street performer at festivals in Japan and overseas. In 1997 she performed a two-week fringe performance at the Edinburgh International Theater Festival in England, which was rated four stars by the local press. Since 2, she has been performing new works twice a year at Nakano plan-B.She has performed at Oyako Theater and school performances nationwide, and in recent years has expanded her activities to include opera, dance, and theater competitions. She has also appeared in "A la Carte 4: A Restaurant with Actors and Musicians" (Script: Junko Takaizumi, Director: Koichi Yoshizawa).

Ikuko Taniguchi
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Intermedia Art. Since 2001, his self-produced performance "The doll cannot stop suddenly", Roppongi Art Night "Open Space Junction Tower Prism Landmark Dynamic O-Pass Triangle Form Minimal Interior Entrance Loop Movement Triangle Tower Residence de Mass." and Sasakusasu "Pose Pose Pose Pose".She has also participated in many stage productions such as She wa Onsen Kinoko, Matsuo Suzuki Girls' Revue, Furuzoku, Mikuniya Naihara Project, off-Nibloll, and Haegiwa.

● Yohei Imoto
Graduated from Bunka Gakuin, Department of Creative Expression, majoring in theater. In 2007, "It's okay to grow hair from mushrooms, final! Participated in all "Onsen Kinoko" works. She has been an official member since 2009.She is in charge of bass in the unit band "KOφWY" by Onsen Kinoko.Her main appearances include Japan's 30's "Twelfth Night", KERA MAP#004 "Young Marble Giants", Theater Cocoon + Adult Project "Fukusuke".
In August 2014, he appeared in Bulldocking Headlock vol.8 "Aozora to Koukou" @The Suzunari.

[Screenplay/Director] Seiji Nozoe
[Cast] Mitsuhiro Yamamoto/Ikuko Taniguchi/Yohei Imoto/Seiji Nozoe

Setagaya Arts Foundation
[Planning and production]
Setagaya Public Theatre
This performance is supported by "Setagaya Public Theater Tomo no Kai".
[@home performance support]
Setagaya Service Corporation
Asahi Breweries, Ltd./Toray Industries, Inc.
Fiscal 26 Agency for Cultural Affairs Theater and Music Hall Revitalization Project