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Drama readings Writers who built the era 2
Eugene Ionesco
"Bald Female Singer" "Chair"

Performance period
2014/05/10 (Sat) - 2014/05/11 (Sun)
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General : From Sunday, September 2014, 03
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Friday, October 2014, 03
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image/From top left: Norihito Nakayashiki/Seiji Nozoe
From left to right: Akiko Uchida/Shinya Kito/Toru Kugazawa/Makoto Nakamura/Yuriko Hirooka/Nozomi Muraoka

‥‥A reading that reads the works of predecessor playwrights while tracing the times as if opening the door of a bookshelf.When you face the playwright who once created an era and listen to his voice.What will you hear?

In the second installment, we will take up two representative works by Eugène Ionesco, the standard-bearer of absurdist theater.

"Bald Female Singer" Written by Ionesco Translated by Tadashi Suwa Directed by Norihito Nakayashiki
"Chair" [Author] Ionesco [Translation] Shinya Ando [Director] Seiji Nozoe
[Cast] Akiko Uchida/Shinya Kito/Toru Kugazawa/Makoto Nakamura/Norihito Nakayashiki/Seiji Nozoe/Yuriko Hirooka/Nozomi Muraoka (in alphabetical order)  

★ Post-talk performers decided ★
Appearance: May 5 (Sat) Toru Kugazawa / Shinya Kito / Akiko Uchida / Norihito Nakayashiki
     May 5 (Sun) Makoto Nakamura/Yuriko Hirooka/Nozomi Muraoka/Seiji Nozoe

Norihito Nakayashiki
Director, playwright, representative of the theater company “Kaki Kuu Kyaku”.He won the Best Creative Screenplay Award at the 49th National High School Drama Competition for his work "Fake Macbeth" that he published while in high school. In 2006, he formed a theatrical company for Kaki Kuu Kaku, and since then he has directed all of his works.He has also written and directed many external performances. Nominated as a finalist for the 57th Kishida Kunio Drama Award for "Indiscriminate".
Recent Works ★Kaki Kuu Kaku Performances: "Semyon", "Incontinence King Lear", "Horny Julius Caesar", "Climax Macbeth", "Hamlet".External Performances: Written and Directed by Japan-Korea International Co-Production "Prosecutor", GORCH BROTHERS PRESENTS "Hiryuden" Directed, and Co-written the musical "One million times alive cat". From June 100th to 6th, Aoyama Engeki Council - Final production "Akaoni".

Seiji Nozoe
Writer, director, actor.He is the director of the theater company Haegiwa.In 1999, when he was in college, he founded the theater company Haegiwa.Since then, he has written and directed all his works, and has also appeared in them himself. In 2012, won the 56th Kishida Kunio Drama Award for "○○ Toaru Scenery".He has participated in many external performances as a scriptwriter, director, and actor.
Recent works ★External performances: Taiwan-Japan international co-production "One Arm" directed and adapted, written and directed by Akio Miyazawa Appeared in "Hinemi Merchant", "Sunny Side Up" scripted, directed and performed.Movie appearances: "Typhoon Family" directed by Shutaro Oku, "TOKYO Teyandi" directed by Yuji Kanda.The 27th performance of Haegiwa is scheduled to be performed at Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater East from August 8rd to 23st.

Akiko Uchida 
Born in the first generation of the New National Theater Theater Training Institute.She has appeared in a wide range of performances, from theater performances to production performances.
Recent appearances on stage: Kenta Fukasaku's "Thirsty Sun", Norihito Nakayashiki's "Incontinence King Lear", "Climax Macbeth", G6's "The Moon Reflected in Silver Spoon", "June no Bitter Orange", Masahiko Kawahara "That Little Sister" directed by Yutaka Kuramochi "Window" directed by Keishi Nagatsuka "Anti-Clockwise Wonderland" directed by Hitoshi Uyama "Henry VI" directed by Junko Emoto "Always the Best" directed by Tatsuo Kaneshita Blues” etc.

Shinya Kito
Active as a member of "Night Fukashi no Kai", developing unique skits that cannot be categorized as theater or comedy. Until 2008 she participated in the theater troupe "Animal Denki".
Recent appearances★Stage: Noriaki Wada Screenplay/Director "Shinigami's Buoyancy", Masahiko Kawahara's "Sachiko Saito".Films: Yukihiko Tsutsumi's "TRICK Theatrical Version Last Stage", Teruyoshi Uchimura's "Bokutachi no Exchange Diary". TV: TV Asahi "Doctor-X Surgeon, Michiko Daimon" "Tomorrow, Mom is not here", etc.

Toru Kugazawa
Produced by G2012, he has appeared in numerous production performances, including Kentaro Kobayashi's theatrical works.He is active in a wide range of fields, including the stage, TV, and CF.In 50, he also launched "Kugasawa Milk" and held his own XNUMXth birthday celebration to expand his activities.
Recent appearances ★ Stage: Junya Komatsu Screenplay and direction "Please marry my wife. ”, written and directed by Mitsunori Fukuhara, “Hagure Farewell ga 'See you later'” written and directed by GXNUMX, “Dekiru Kagiri” written and directed by Hideo Tsuchida, “Tsubame no Iru Eki” written and directed by Hideo Tsuchida, and Kentaro Kobayashi’s theater work “Rorschach”. TV: NHK "Yae no Sakura" "Chiritotechin", MBS "Kodomo Police", TV Asahi "Weather Sister" and others.

Makoto Nakamura
One of the founding members of the theater company Cat Hotel.He works as a signboard actor.In addition to performances by theater companies, he is also active in a wide range of productions, from performances by theater companies such as Asagaya Spiders and NODA MAP.
Recent appearances Mansai Nomura directing "Knights of a land without gods-or what made Don Quixote do that?" "Abaesque" written and directed by Masako Chiba; TV: KTV "Welcome to Yorozu Fortune Telling Onmyōya", etc.

Yuriko Hirooka
Mainly on the stage, he is also active in TV dramas and movies. Since 2001, she has presided over the unit "Origato Plastico" with Keralino Sandrovich, and the fusion of the two has created unique works.Originally from the theater company Tokyo dry battery.
Recent performances ★Stage: GXNUMX directed "Paco-Paco and the Magical Picture Book-", Matsuo Suzuki written and directed "Devil", Yamada Yoji directed "Farewell August Land", Keralino Sandorovich directed "Ryu wo Setteta" Man”, Eri Watanabe’s work and direction “GeGeGe Noge” written and directed by Yukiko Motoya “Amae” and Toshiki Okada’s “Tattoo”.Films: Kazuyoshi Kumakiri's "My Man", Michihito Fujii's "Oh! Father", Shinyasu Yaguchi's "WOOD JOB!

Nozomi Muraoka
Active as a member of the theater company "Nylon 100 °C".She also actively participates in external works, such as last year she formed the unit "Sake and Tsumami" with Ikeya Nobue.
Recent performances Stage: Keralino Sandorovich embellishment, composition and direction "Bunya Bunroku's Thoughts" will be performed until May 5, "Some Girl(s)" directed by Takayoshi Furukawa, "Another" written and directed by Yu Kuramochi , Akira Shirai's "Tenshu Monogatari", Masaaki Akahori's "King of Sunamachi", Keishi Nagatsuka's "Anti-Clockwise Wonderland", etc.Movie: Kazuya Shiraishi's "Atrocities". TV: From the 3th week of the NHK TV series "Hanako and Anne". 

《Artists and Works》
Writer Eugene Ionesco
1909-1994.Romanian-born playwright active in France.He started writing poetry and criticism when he was in college. In 1950, he released his maiden work, The Bald Female Singer. Subtitled "Anti-Drama," this work shattered existing theatrical concepts and surprised audiences around the world.After that, he published “Lesson” and “Chair”, depicting the loneliness and uncertainty of human existence in his own unique style.Along with Beckett, who published "Waiting for Godot" around the same time, he is positioned as a playwright representing the absurdist theater.Other major works include "Rhinoceros" and "The Dying King".
"I divided the world anew"---Ionesco

Work "Bald Woman Singer" La cantatrice chauve ----Anti-drama----
Ionesco, who originally did not want to be a playwright, wrote a play after reading an introductory book to study English conversation.Mr. and Mrs. Martin visit Mr. and Mrs. Smith's house in England... and it seems like a casual daily life.But then, something happens...This is Ionesco's maiden work and the starting point. Premiered in 1950.

Work "Chair" Les chaises ---- tragic farce ----
An old man over 90 years old and an old woman invite guests one after another to leave a message for all mankind and wait for the arrival of the narrator. "Our footprints remain. We are men, not ancient cities that have disappeared."The old man says so and entrusts the rest to the benshi...One of Ionesco's masterpieces. Premiered in 1952.

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October 2014

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