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"The Marquise de Sade"

Performance period
December 2012, 03 (Tuesday) -January 06, 2012 (Tuesday)
Setagaya Public Theatre
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General : From Sunday, September 2012, 01
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Saturday, March 2012, 01
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"Marquise Sade" is the pinnacle of Yukio Mishima's play, with its poetic and beautiful writing.
At the premiere in 1965, it became an “incident” due to its shocking content.Since then, it has received strong support not only in Japan but also overseas, and has become a topic of conversation every time it is performed.

The 6 women who are decorated with unparalleled elegant words, but also violently intersect and clash, are actresses with a strong presence.Yu Aoi will play Rene, Minami will play Anne, Misuzu Jinno will play Baroness Simiane, Marie Machida will play Charlotte, Rei Asami will play Countess Saint-Fond, and Kayoko Shiraishi will play Madame de Montreuil.

The production will be directed by Mansai Nomura, who has long been fascinated by Yukio Mishima's elegant writing style.
As an embodiment and successor of Noh and Kyogen with a history of 600 years, he knows the beauty of the sound of the Japanese language and will challenge the production with a focus on "bondage with words".

I got your message!
Up until now, most of the directing works have been performed mainly by men, with Kyogen performers appearing. I thinkAs a Kyogen performer, I feel that Yukio Mishima's work is my territory, and I think that it is a work that I want to put a lot of effort into.
"Marquise de Sade" is said to be one of Mishima's most profound works, and is said to be his masterpiece. I think it can be said that this work is not about the formation of language, but about listening to sentences.Yukio Mishima has said that he created this play as an antithesis to the new theater, but the text has a dominant power, and I believe that following this text is the key to the success of this play.

The catchphrase this time is "Kinbaku with words".In order to overcome Mishima's writing, I think it's about how much the actor makes use of his words.I dare say that the performers and the audience are the audience, but I think Mishima's intention is to bind the audience with words.It is a very interesting work to read, so I would like to make it a work that you can enjoy when you come to the theater and see the words embodied by the wonderful actresses.
This time, a gorgeous group of actresses has gathered since the Setagaya Public Theater opened.I would like young actresses to inherit the skills and attitudes of leading Japanese actresses such as Shiraishi-san and Asami-san. I think it's an element.
I would like to aim for a stage where you can concentrate, use your imagination, and finally be released because you are bound by a world of rich words.
Directed by Mansai Nomura
I'm a person who starts with images, so I'm not very good at script plays, but I'm not good at it, so I want to do my best. The title is "Madame de Sade", but I believe that the Marquis de Sade is the main character.
I want to do my best so that I can share one person, the Marquis de Sade, with the audience and the cast.
Aoi Yu

At the end of the 18th century, the absolute monarchy is at its peak, and the city of Paris is in a state of decay.The Marquise de Sade, Rene, is faithful to the "monster of vices", the Marquis de Sade, who has been arrested and escaped from jail due to numerous acts of misconduct and is haunted by cruel and obscene scandals.Her mother, Montreuil, who respects her public appearance and forces her to break up with Sade over her schemes, continues to have a fierce confrontation.After the outbreak of the French Revolution, when she learned that her husband was finally released from her prison, Rene made an inexplicable decision. What is the truth behind her feelings...

Information on media (as of 2/24)
On sale February 2 (Thursday) "Weekly Bunshun" Interview with Mansai Nomura
J-WAVE "Tokyo Concierge" February 2 (Sun) 26:21 Cast: Mansai Nomura
Takarazuka Sky Stage February 2 (Mon) 27:23 (first broadcast) Cast: Rei Asami
Released on February 2 (Monday) "Best Stage" Yu Aoi x Mansai Nomura Talk
Released on February 2 (Tuesday) "spoon" Minami x Mansai Nomura Talk
Released on February 2 (Tue) "MORE" Yu Aoi x Mansai Nomura Talk
On sale February 2 (Wednesday) "anan" Interview with Yu Aoi
Information on media (as of 2/29)
Yu Aoi was introduced in the evening edition of Nihon Keizai Shimbun on February 2 (Wednesday).
March 3 (Thursday) release "Kateigaho" Interview with Mansai Nomura
March 3 (Thursday) WEB Da Capo Misuzu Jinno interview
On sale March 3nd (Friday) "Theater Guide" Talk between Yu Aoi and Minami, Kayoko Shiraishi, Rei Asami and Mansai Nomura
Ms. Kayoko Shiraishi and Ms. Rei Asami were introduced in the evening edition of the Mainichi Shimbun on Monday, March 3. 
Information on media (as of 3/6)
March 3 (Tue) @ Pia (Pia website) "This person of the week" Interview with Mansai Nomura
Released on March 3 (Wednesday) “Mrs.” Interview with Mansai Nomura
On sale March 3 (Wednesday) "CREA" Interview with Yu Aoi
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[Written by] Yukio Mishima
[Director] Mansai Nomura

[Cast] Yu Aoi/Minami/Misuzu Jinno/Marie Machida
     Rei Asami Kayoko Shiraishi

[Art] Jiro Shima
[Lighting] Shigeo Saito
[Costume] Etsuko Handa
[Hair and Makeup] Naoki Kamata
[Sound] Hiroyuki Ozaki
[Assistant Director] Tomoya Kiriyama
[Stage Director] Toshihisa Shibuya

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July 2012

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