Performance information

Choreographed and performed by Joseph Nagy "Crows/Les Corbeaux"

Performance period
December 2012, 02 (Wednesday) to January 15, 2012 (Friday)
Setagaya Public Theatre
Ticket pre-sale start date
General : From Sunday, September 2011, 12
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Wednesday, April 2011, 11
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2011, 11
Flyer image
image/Photo left: photo by Tadeusz Paczula Right: photo by Rémi Angeli

 France's leading genius choreographer Joseph Nagy will perform his latest work at the Setagaya Public Theater for the first time in five years since "Yu*ASOBU" was performed.
The latest work, which originated from a crow he met in Japan, is a stage full of primitive power that goes beyond dance, where Nadj puts his whole body and soul into it.In addition, jazz musician Akosh Sereveni, who has built a passionate accomplice in numerous works, will breathe life into the performance with a powerful performance.On the stage, a fantastic sight full of surprises and mysterious nostalgia spreads out, and the audience witnesses the changing appearance of Nagy!
 This work, which was highly acclaimed at the Avignon Theater Festival, is sure to please you to enjoy the live performance at the theater.

Post-talk performers decided!
February 2th (Thursday) post-talk performers have been decided.
* After the performance, we plan to take about 15 minutes with a 40-minute break.
Starring: Joseph Nagy, Akosh Sereveni
Guest: Mansai Nomura (Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director) / Kazuyuki Tamura (Dairakudakan, Naji choreography "Yu * ASOBU" appearance)

*Customers waiting for tickets for February 2 (Wednesday) and 15 (Friday) can also enter.
 Please note that admission will be after the performance ends.
Registration for "Joseph Nagy Dance Workshop" has ended.
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[Choreography/Performance] Joseph Nagy
[Music/Performance] Akosh Sereveni


Left: Joseph Nagy photo by Tsukasa Aoki
Right: Akosh Sereveni photo by Matthias Creutziger

◎Joseph Nagy [choreography, performance]
Born in Kanizha, former Yugoslavia (now Serbia).While studying art history and music at university, he is also active in martial arts and theater.After moving to France, he studied pantomime under Marcel Marceau. He made his debut in 87 with "Canal Pekinova". In 95, he became the artistic director of the Orléans National Center for Choreography.His original style of stage, full of theatrical and poetic humor, attracts enthusiastic fans all over the world.Served as an associate artist at the 60th Avignon Theater Festival, where he performed in the opening program "Yu*ASOBU" (co-produced with Setagaya Public Theater), Ikuyo Kuroda (BATIK), Mionko Saito (Idevien Crew), Kazuyuki Tamura, and Neji. Using Pijin, Satoshi Shioya, and Baraba Okuyama (Dairakudakan), they toured 5 cities in 15 countries and created a sensation.In addition to being a choreographer, he is also active as an artist and photographer, creating three-dimensional works, paintings, and sketches.

◎ Akosh Sereveni [music and performance]
I am from Hungary.He studied classical and folk music from an early age and made his debut as a jazz musician at the age of 17.While he is active in the fields of free jazz and improvised jazz, he is active in many fields, providing music for numerous stages and movies, and serving as a support member of the legendary rock band He is Noir Desir.He has co-starred with Joseph Nagy, who is from the same town, in his recent masterpieces such as "Yu* ASOBU".One of Nagy's most trusted musicians.

Performance schedule

July 2012

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
* The performance time is scheduled to be about 1 hour (no intermission).
*Telephone reservation on the day ◇Reception until 03:5432 at the Setagaya Public Theater Ticket Center (1515-17-XNUMX).
*Same-day tickets will be sold at the same-day ticket reception outside the Setagaya Public Theater entrance on the 60rd floor of Carrot Tower from 3 minutes before the performance.

◎=There is a post-talk
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.After the performance, we may not be able to guide you to your original seat.note that.


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[Domestic Tour]
February 2012 (Tue) and 2 (Wed), 21Aichi Arts Center
2012 year 2 month 25 day (Saturday) · 26 date (day)Itami Municipal Theater Hall AI・HALL
2012 year 3 month 3 day (Saturday) · 4 date (day)21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
December 2012th (Friday) and 3th (Saturday), 9Fujimi Civic Cultural Center Kirari☆Fujimi

[Related project] (Finished)
Video screening and talk about Joseph Nagy
January 2012 (Sat) and 1 (Sun), 21
Venue:Za-Koenji 03-3223-7500