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Kyogen Theater XNUMX
A professional small dance "Nanatsuko", "Akatsuki", "Funa" / "Bobaku" / "MANSAI Bolero"
B Pro "Koji" / "Nasu no Yoichi Katari" / Atsushi Nakajima "Gojo Shusse"

Performance period
June 2011, 12 (Thursday) -June 01, 2011 (Thursday)
Setagaya Public Theatre
Ticket pre-sale start date
General : From Sunday, September 2011, 10
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Saturday, March 2011, 10
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2011, 10
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image/Photography: Yasuhide Kuge Design: Tatsuya Ariyama

Kyogen as performing arts

The 7th installment of "Kyogen Theater", which explores the possibilities of Kyogen as a performing art that lives on in modern times, will be performed at the Setagaya Public Theater in December.
“Mai” and “words” form the basis of Kyogen.
In program A, which focuses on dance, he will present a solo dance of Komai and Kyogen's representative work "Bobaku" and "Bolero", which Mansai has been planning for a long time.
Program B will feature the humorous “Kanshi” and Mansaku’s narrative performance “Nasu Yoichi”, which is one of the highest peaks in the art of reciting words. In "Gojo Shusse", Kyogen performers Tomohiko Sato, Matasaburo Nomura, shakuhachi player Dozan Fujiwara, and kotsuzumi chorus Denjiro Tanaka welcomed Nakajima Atsushi's question, "What am I?" It resonates and touches our hearts.
Please pay attention to "Kyogen Theater No. XNUMX", which connects the "classic - modern - contemporary" of Japanese performing arts and crystallizes the ideas and techniques of Kyogen.

"Kyogen Theater XNUMX" Main Media Information

■ "acteur Stage Vol.2" (Kinema Junposha)
  “INTERVIEW & TALKS” was published

■ Theater magazine "BEST STAGE December issue" (music and people)
  “Mansai Nomura Long Interview” has been published

■ November 11th (Sat) J-WAVE "360° (Three Sixty)"
Aired on “Now & New Tokyo”

■Introduced in "Yomiuri Shimbun Evening Edition" on Monday, November 11

■Introduced in "Nihon Keizai Shimbun Evening Edition" on November 11 (Wednesday)   
11/23 (Wed/holiday) from 10:XNUMX a.m.1st floor auxiliary seats on sale!
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◆ Introduction ◆
Program A “Mai”
Small dance "Nanatsuko", "Akatsuki" and "Funa"
A small dance in which the Kyogen performer's well-trained body gracefully depicts scenes through movements such as footwork and body composition. We will deliver "Akatsuki" and "Nanatsuko", in which Taro and Jiro Kaja dance while tied up in "Bobaku," and "Funus," in which the spirit of the crucian carp that appears in the rare song "Kanjinsei" dances. increase.
Small dance "Nanatsuko" [Appearance] Haruo Tsukizaki (12/2, 3, 4) / Yuki Takeyama (12/1, 5)
Small dance "Akatsuki" [Appearance] Hiroharu Fukada (12/2, 4) / Kazunori Takano (12/1, 3, 5)
Small dance "Funa" [Appearance] Mansaku Nomura (December 12, 3) / Mansai Nomura (December 4, 12, 1)

Taro Kaja and Jiro Kaja end up drinking after much effort and ingenuity, even though their masters have their hands tied to prevent them from stealing sake.The sight of the two, who are feeling better and dancing with their hands tied to the fan, evokes a sense of playfulness and freedom.It is one of the representative works of Kyogen and has been performed many times overseas.
[Appearance] Taro Kaja: Mansaku Nomura (12/1, 2, 5) / Mansai Nomura (12/3, 4)
     Main: Hiroharu Fukada (12/1, 3, 5) / Kazunori Takano (12/2, 4)
     Jiro crowned person: Yukio Ishida

"MANSAI Bolero"
"Bolero" composed by Ravel, which is loved all over the world beyond the boundaries of ballet music.Although it has the same rhythm and melody, it gradually invites listeners to a sense of exhilaration.Mansai Nomura's new choreography and solo dance challenge, superimposing "Sambaso", the essence of Japanese performing arts, on the boundless view of the universe.
[Performer] Mansai Nomura

B Program “Word”
Taro Kaja eats the rare three-piece citrus (a type of mandarin orange) that is a souvenir, and begins to make excuses for his master to urge him to bring it.You can feel the smile and taste unique to kyogen in the appearance of Taro Kaja, who gradually gets into the mood and brings up "The Tale of the Heike" to make a grand excuse.
[Appearance] Taro Kaja: Mansai Nomura
     Master: Yukio Ishida

"Nasu Yoichi Language" (Nasu no Yoichi Story)
In a special performance of Kyogen during the Noh play "Yashima," the famous episode of "The Tale of the Heike," in which Yoichi Nasu of the Genji clan hit the target of the fan during the Battle of Yashima, will be told with a powerful performance.It is an important piece that demands the best of the Kyogen performer's technique, in which the three characters are acted out in an easy-going way while depicting the situation. Please enjoy the pinnacle of the art of "word rehearsal".
[Performer] Mansaku Nomura

Taken from "Journey to the West", this is the work of Atsushi Nakajima, a writer who died young and delves into the problem of the self.Youkai Sagojyo keeps worrying about everything, wondering "why?".While visiting the youkai sage who lives at the bottom of the Rusagawa River, I will continue my journey in search of "what am I?"What is the enlightenment that he opened at the end of the journey...The story written in a clear style is read aloud in a heavy and sometimes light manner.
[Written by] Atsushi Nakajima 
[Construction] Mansai Nomura
[Cast] Mansai Nomura/Yukio Ishida/Hiroji Fukada/Kazunori Takano/Haruo Tsukizaki
     Tomohiko Sato/Mathasaburo Nomura
Shakuhachi: Dozan Fujiwara 
Style and musical accompaniment: Denjiro Tanaka

[Cast] Mansaku Nomura/Mansai Nomura/Yukio Ishida/Hiroji Fukada/Kazunori Takano/Haruo Tsukizaki and others Mansaku no Kai
Only "Gojou Sususe" Tomohiko Sato / Matasaburo Nomura
        Shakuhachi: Dozan Fujiwara Style and Music: Denjiro Tanaka

[Art] Rumi Matsui
[Lighting] Jun Ogasawara
*Performers are subject to change due to circumstances.

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Performance schedule

July 2011

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