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playwright's workshop
Takeshi Kawamura "4" first draft reading

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November 2011, 11 (Monday) to February 21, 2011 (Monday)
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image/From left: Takeshi Kawamura/Kotaro Yoshida/Takuya Senda/Takashi Nakamura/Toru Tezuka

The Playwright's Workshop is a laboratory for creating new plays.
As a place for playwrights to experiment freely with their free ideas, it is something that is held in the rehearsal room as needed.

This time, we will take up Takeshi Kawamura's new work "3" (Four), which was born from the workshop titled "Exploring the Possibilities of Monologue" in March of this year, and will give a public reading of part of the first draft.
Four men appear in "4".Their dialogue, which has different occupations, positions, and environments, is drawn across time and space, and eventually the past and present of the four people will be highlighted.

These four men are read by Kotaro Yoshida, Takashi Nakamura, and Toru Tezuka.In addition, Takuya Senda, who participates in "Workshop" as a writer, participates as a reader this time.Kawamura himself will direct the work as a finale to the workshop.

A reading for the playwright to prepare for the next draft by listening to the text through the actors' voices.
Do not miss this opportunity!

[Written and Directed] Takeshi Kawamura
[Cast] Kotaro Yoshida/Takuya Senda/Takashi Nakamura/Toru Tezuka

◆I received a message from Takeshi Kawamura.

"For further work"

Takeshi Kawamura

 The playwright's workshop was proposed by the Setagaya Public Theatre, and was first performed in March of this year in front of an intimate audience at the theater's rehearsal room. Under the theme of "exploring the possibilities of monologues," I created four characters and wrote about twenty lines of dialogue.It was first spoken to the world by Mr. Tetsuo Kanao, Mr. Akira Date, Mr. Kintaro Hara, and Mr. Keiji Manako.
 This time, some of the lines will be read in the form of the first draft of the play, which is closer to completion.For the first time, I asked for the actors to appear because I wanted people who had never read my lines to read them. I asked for the appearance from the concept of Mr.Having listened to what he said, I will continue to brush up on the play.There is no more luxurious process for a playwright.However, making this a reality requires the courage of both an understanding of the theater's non-profit activities and a playwright's determination to explore the possibilities.
 Be brave and go further.


● Profile of Takeshi Kawamura

Writer, performer.He presides over T factory, a company that produces his own plays.He is the author of many books, including plays, novels, essays and criticisms.Contemporary Nohgakushu I "AOI/KOMACHI" and Contemporary Nohgakushu V "Shundokumaru," "Shunkan-san," and "Ai no Kodo" were staged by the Setagaya Public Theater. In 2010, at the milestone of the 30th anniversary of the theater company 4rd erotica, he created “Shinjuku Hakkenden Vol. XNUMX is his latest work.


◆Rehearsal Hall Report November 11
Reading of "4" (four) was done.

Before the reading of the first draft of Takeshi Kawamura's "4" on November 11st, a face-to-face meeting and reading was held.
Four actors Kotaro Yoshida, Takuya Senda, Takashi Nakamura, Toru Tezuka, and Tsuyoshi Kawamura gathered at the rehearsal room.
The story of four men begins in a rehearsal room wrapped in transparent air before something begins.
First, read through the whole story.
For the second time, we brought in the desks and chairs that will be used on the reading stage for rehearsals.
As I watched it, I could feel the drama rising steadily.
Well, this continuation is definitely at the theater!
A one-time "4" read by these four people.Don't miss it! !

image/Four rehearsals and a playwright


*"11" will be staged by Akira Shirai at Theater Tram next November.
Please look forward to it along with the reading!

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