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Setagaya Public Theater @ school performance

"Ninnin Ninja Denemon Ichiza"

Performance period
April 2011, 10 (Monday) to May 03, 2011 (Wednesday)
Elementary schools and gymnasiums in Setagaya Ward

This is the regular gym.And... suddenly, music resounds, and ninjas appear out of nowhere!

From left: Gentaro Shimousa/Ryuichi Agawa/Mika Ishimura/Atsuko Eguchi/Takiya Kuwabara

"Nin-Ninja Den-Emon Ichiza" is a school performance that <watch, act, and enjoy> created for children.This year, from October 10rd, 3 performances will be held at elementary schools in Setagaya Ward.
We will introduce the state of the performance on the SePT blog.Please take a look!

Works ◆A story about a ninja school that is in trouble due to a lack of people, but comes to the children and causes a commotion.Modern ninjas who have changed their appearances into doctors, office workers, and greengrocers will appear and run around the gym with children!

@School Performance◆Setagaya's original school performance created for school children.Children don't just sit and watch the play, they enter the world of the play before they know it, and unfold the story with the actors! …It is a mysterious play that can not be found anywhere.This kind of structure was born from the wish that "while experiencing the world of drama, it will stimulate children's imagination and give them an opportunity to freely express themselves."

The works that have been performed at @School so far include “Ukkari, Chotto, Mushroom Island,” a story about an adventure with pirates (premiered in 2003), and “Dottokomu Shokai,” a propagandist who sings and dances to advertise anything (2006). premiere).And "Nin Ninja Denemon Ichiza" is the third work and premiered in 2009.After repeated training with the children, it will be performed again this year.

[Work] Kenji Azuma + Denemon Ichiza
[Direction] Gentaro Shimousa
[Art] Keiko Watanabe
[Costume] Noriko Ohno 

[Cast] Ryuichi Agawa/Mika Ishimura/Atsuko Eguchi/Takiya Kuwabara/Gentaro Shimousa

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