Performance information

Setagaya Art Town 2011 "Sancha de street performance"

Performance period
2011/10/15 (Sat) - 2011/10/16 (Sun)
Around Sangenjaya Station/ Neighboring Shopping Street + Setagaya Public Theater

Flyer image
image/Dido and Sancha

An annual autumn festival in Sangenjaya.This year's theme is "Asta Magnana".We want everyone who visits the city to forget about their daily lives and enjoy the festival in a comfortable and carefree manner.
Street art,walking actappear in the cityobjectand more than 100 storesArt Rakuichi.spread out in the shopping districtMock shop,Caricature cornerA lot of fun!Entering original message displayed in the townFlagPlease also pay attention to! !
It is a festival that connects the vitality of the city with the vitality of Japan.

[Performance Venue] Total of 15 venues (9 shopping streets + Setagaya Public Theater)
[Holding time] 12:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX
* Varies by venue.

[Appearing performers]
□Special guest
Abigail Collins
Anthony Livingspace
Christian Taguet
Sylvain Leblanc
Chinese Acrobatic Troupe
Duo Cedelo
TOKYO Acrobatics Kyoto Theater Company

□Domestic performers
ALICE/Okk/Mami Kano/Kamimaro/GABEZ/KURIKONEKA/Goldenz/KojiKojiMoheji/Yuji Kobayashi/G Choco Marble/Takuya Suzuki/SPEC/Sexy DAVINCI/Daichi/to R mansion/TOMI/NAO&WAGAN/ Natsu & Kayo / nani-sole / Performer Parts / HIBI Chazz-K / FUNNY BONES / Planois / Mitama / Melancholy Suzuki / Tomohiro Morita
Ginji Kawanishi (Amezaiku) / Face Painter Miho (Face Paint)

□ Public offering walking act
Rabbit Miley/Olive/BLU-NAZI/Vankarabakka/Mr. Fix/Yacchan
Kuriwimba Annie (November 11th (Friday) to 25th (Sunday) New performance at Theater Tram"Gamudamudomudomu"Performance)

*Performers are subject to change.Please note.
●Recruiting volunteer staff!
We are looking for volunteer staff to help out on the day of the "Sancha de Street Performance".
Performer's attendant, head office reception, etc.
For details, Click here for the guidelines..

A flag recycling project will be held on the day of the street performance!
We are waiting for you at Suran Street from 13:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX!

image/Children's winter poncho / bicycle basket cover / azuma bag (with scrunchie)

For details, Click here for the guidelines..

●Street performance delivery
From the town of three teas, we will “deliver” street performances.
Saturday, October 10, 8:15- Odakyu Line Kyodo Station South Exit Station Square
From 10:10 on October 16 (Monday/holiday), the shopping area around Oyamadai Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line.
For details, Click here for the guidelines..



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Setagaya Art Town Secretariat 03-5432-1547
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Setagaya Art Town 2011 Executive Committee / Setagaya Cultural Foundation Setagaya Cultural Life Information Center
Tokyo Heaven Artist Executive Committee
All Japan Organization for Social Contribution / Toho Holdings Co., Ltd.
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Setagaya Ward, Setagaya Ward Shopping District Federation, Setagaya Ward Shopping District Promotion Association Federation
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