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December 2011, 09 (Thursday) -March 08, 2011 (Sunday)
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General : From Monday, September 2011, 08
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image/"Kamome" from past performances

 First performed in 07, this work has been well received, with performances throughout Japan and France.
The story of "The Seagull" is drawn after the suicide of Kostya, one of Chekhov's four major plays, "The Seagull".In addition, the dialogue in the story is quoted from Chekhov's short story, and is an ambitious work that challenges the possibilities of theater.

A message to the Seventh Theater has arrived.
In March 2011, when I saw The Seagull at the Seventh Theater in Paris, I had the first opportunity to fully understand what was at stake in this well-known Chekhov play. I had only seen a few productions of The Seagull last year that I felt were not very successful, but I happened to see a Japanese production of this Russian drama that stole my heart.I was impressed by the ability of the director, Kohei Narumi.There was an accurate direction for the actors who can express their humanity deeply, and a very beautiful scene was composed on the stage.I felt a kind of universality in this wonderful performance.I had to wait for the Seventh Theater in Japan to realize my sensual desires about theater.Playing characters from Chekhov's plays, the actors succeeded in transporting me into one of the imaginary spaces possible only in great tragedy.From the beginning of the play, I was drawn away from the real world and marveled at the characters driven by impulses, desires and sorrows.That is the central emotion of The Seagull.Through spectacular physical performances, the actors create a series of movements that evoke contemporary dance, sometimes pausing in striking intervals.They raise their hands as if they want to fly away from the situation.However, as if trapped, they eventually remain above ground.In their resistance to freedom, or as a result of their lack of freedom, three female characters dressed in white descend into madness. looks like.They move quickly, which visually contrasts with the slow movements of the other figures dressed in black.Seeing them twirling from the center of the stage to the edges, I get the image that they want to blow up some kind of realm that symbolizes the prescribed world in which they live. is.The figures dressed in black are symbolic of a ruling society that reminds outsiders of their place.This reminds me of Chekhov's attempt to portray the artist's situation at the time by revealing how the artist was outside society and living in difficult times.In The Seagull, the three female characters explore how they struggle to survive in different mental states and in a dizzying space-time, and how they are always caught in society's claws. It shows whether there isAt the end of this play, I asked myself. "If you act differently than someone else, will you be considered insane?" I am sure it has happened to me.
I hope that the Seventh Theater will achieve the great success it deserves with this beautiful work of art, and that it will traverse all the worlds and open the eyes and hearts of even more audiences.

Marianne Beban (producer based in France)

[Original] A. Chekhov
[Construction/Direction/Art] Kohei Narumi

[Cast] Yukako Sanao/Chihiro Kimo/Yuko Yamada/Hiroshi Kosuge/Mayu Kikuhara/Mao Suda/Takumitsu Ibuki/Satomi Kasai (Hyottoko Ranbu)

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July 2011

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