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Terumasa Hino presents “Jazz for Kids”
 JAZZ POWER jazz power
August 8 (Sat) "Terumasa Hino Live" 
August 8 (Sun) "Dream Jazz Band 14th Annual Concert" 

Performance period
April 2011, 08 (Sun) to April 14, 2011 (Sun)
Setagaya Public Theatre
Ticket pre-sale start date
General : From Sunday, September 2011, 06
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Friday, October 2011, 06
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2011, 06
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JAZZ POWER jazz power
We will sell charity goods to support areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in the lobby.
Charity goods: T-shirts, towels, straps, stickers, and other original goods!
The Setagaya Public Theater will hold the annual “summer” jazz live.
This year marks the 7th edition of “Jazz for Kids” organized by world-renowned jazz trumpeter Terumasa Hino.

On the first day, the Terumasa Hino Band, consisting of Terumasa Hino, Akira Ishii, Takashi Sugawa, and Noritaka Tanaka, performed a full-fledged live show that explored the appeal of jazz. Jazz Band” concert “Dream Jazz Band 1th Annual Concert”.

Together with the live performances of the “Dream Jazz Band” and “Terumasa Hino Band”, which have started for the hot summer, it will be an exciting two days.It is a fulfilling program not only for jazz lovers but also for those who are listening to jazz for the first time.
Please come to the theater with your family.

What is Dream Jazz Band?
 The "Dream Jazz Band Workshop" started in the spring of 2005 with Terumasa Hino as the principal as part of the hands-on learning project to "cultivate the buds of talent" sponsored by the Setagaya Ward Board of Education. "Dream Jazz Band" (Drivan) is a band formed in it.The purpose of this workshop is to nurture children's "dreams" through practical activities that cannot be experienced in regular classes. After three and a half months of workshops and self-rehearsal, I have learned not only the joy of music, but also the importance of connecting with friends and expressing my feelings.

Terumasa Hino. . . Born in Tokyo in 1942. He started playing the trumpet at the age of 9, and by the time he was 13, he was in a dance band at a U.S. military camp. After releasing his first leader album in 67, he gained popularity and released albums both domestically and internationally, developing live performances.In addition to this, he is also energetically engaged in charity activities and teaching juniors. In 2001, he received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Arts (popular performing arts category), the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 04, and in the same year, the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Record Division Excellence Award for the film music "Translucent Tree". In May 11, his new album "AFTERSHOCK" was released.

image/Terumasa Hino

A comment has arrived from Terumasa Hino!

 The Dream Jazz Band, which is celebrating its 7th year this year, gathers members from junior high schools in Setagaya Ward to gain various experiences through jazz.People gather, create a circle (harmony), and deliver excitement to people.Such a wonderful experience does not come easily.
 Junior high school is a really important period in terms of character development, and there is an infinite ability to absorb a lot of things by devoting yourself to something.During this workshop, I was amazed by the speed of their absorption, and I saw how the big band ensemble clashes with each other's personalities and creates amazing music.
 Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, people have been making a fuss, and their power is necessary for Japan's reconstruction.They purely pursue something, absorb everything, and have the power to create, but there is still a side that even their families don't know about.I would like to entrust the future of Japan to them.
Terumasa Hino
Terumasa Hino presents “Jazz for Kids” will appear!
August 8 (Sat) 13:14-00:14 Scheduled to be broadcast
J-WAVE"Terumasa Hino presents Jazz for Kids" will appear in the "The Great Successor" corner of "MODAISTA" (broadcast every Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00)!
Mr. Terumasa Hino and the members of Drivan will be interviewed, and the performance at the workshop will also be broadcast.
* Immediately after the broadcast ends, the opening act of the Doriban graduates will start at the Setagaya Public Theater.

Updating theater blog!
“Jazz for Kids”Official blog is being updated!
Twitter is also being updated!

"Terumasa Hino Live" 
October 8th (Sat) 13:15 start 
[Cast] Terumasa Hino (Tp)/Akira Ishii (Pf)/Takashi Sugawa (B)/Noritaka Tanaka (Ds)
14:30~ Opening act by Dream Jazz Band alumni band
(Audience doors open 45 minutes before the performance, reception 60 minutes before)
[Appearance] "Quartet", Onion's, DJB plus+

『Dream Jazz Band 7th Annual Concert』
August 8 (Sun) 14:14 start (audience seats open 00 minutes before the start, reception 30 minutes before the start)
[Performer] Dream Jazz Band
Terumasa Hino (Tp)/Kenichi Nishio (Tp)/Seiji Tada (Sax)/Miyuki Moriya (Sax)/Yuzo Kataoka (Tb)/Atsushi Goto (Tb)/Ryo Ogiwara (G)/Michiyuki Koyama (G)/Ishii Akira (Pf) / Makoto Deguchi (Pf), Hideaki Kanazawa (B), Noritaka Tanaka (Ds), Makoto Rikitake (Ds), Takeshi Mishina (Ds), Grace Maya (Vo) and other lecturer musicians

Performance schedule

July 2011

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
*Performance times are
August 8th (Sat) 13:15 start "Hino Terumasa Live"
*Opening act by JB graduates from 14:30
Performance time: Approximately 2 hours (no intermission) (Doors open at 13:15 / Scheduled to end around 16:30) 

August 8th (Sun) 14:14 "Dream Jazz Band 00th Annual Concert"
Performance time: 2 hours and 30 minutes (including a 15-minute intermission) (Doors open at 13:30 / Scheduled to end around 16:30)
           Part XNUMX: Sessions by instructors
           (Breaks for 15 minutes)
           Part XNUMX Dream Jazz Band LIVE is planned.

*Same-day tickets are sold at the Setagaya Public Theater same-day ticket box on the 60rd floor of Carrot Tower from 3 minutes before the performance.

*This concert is open to preschool children, but please be considerate of other customers.Please note that the theater staff may call out to you.Babysitting service is also available.
*Children under the age of 4 should also purchase a ticket if they need a seat.
*We may not be able to guide you to your original seat after the performance.note that.


All seats specified
General 4,000 yen

2,000 yen for high school students and younger (setagaya public theater ticket center store and phone reservations only, proof of age required)

U24 2,000 yen (pre-registration required at the Setagaya Public Theater Ticket Center, age verification required at registration, online only, limited number)

Tomonokai member discount 3,500 yen

Setagaya Arts Card member discount 3,800 yen

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