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"Molly Sweeney"

Performance period
September 2011, 06 (Friday) -October 10, 2011 (Sunday)
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General : From Saturday, March 2011, 04
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image/Kazuyuki Aishima/Kaho Minami/Kensaku Kobayashi
image/Photographed by Jun Ishikawa

At the Setagaya Public Theater, a series of re-readings of excellent foreign plays in the intimate space of the Theater Tram will be held as a development of the young directors I met through the "Reading Japanese: Performances in a drama reading format" that started in 2008. decided to launch.

As the first step, Kenichi Tani, who received high acclaim for his careful reading of the play and the creation of an appropriate stage space, will direct Yukio Mishima's "Tropical Tree" in 2010's "Reading Japanese Part 3". welcome.
As for the work, Tani will take up Brian Friel's "Molly Sweeney," which was translated by Tani himself.
This work by Irish contemporary playwright Brian Friel premiered in London in 1994 and was also staged on Broadway in 96, winning the New York Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Play. , is highly rated.
Kaho Minami, Kensaku Kobayashi, and Kazuyuki Aijima will perform a rich story about Molly Sweeney, a woman who has lived in a blind world for 40 years.
Please enjoy it at the theater!

The post-talk performers have been decided.
Kaho Minami's appearance will be added on 6/13 (Monday)!

June 6th (Monday) after the performance at 13:19 Performers: Kenichi Tani / Kaho Minami / Kensaku Kobayashi / Kazuyuki Aijima
June 6th (Wednesday) After the performance at 15:19 Performers: Kaho Minami / Kensaku Kobayashi / Kazuyuki Aijima
June 6th (Thursday) after 16:19 Performers: Keishi Nagatsuka / Kenichi Tani / Kensaku Kobayashi
To enjoy "Molly Sweeney" more deeply...
●Kenichi Tani, who is in charge of translating and directing the creative process, will regularly send you updates.
For details, Click here for the guidelines.から
- Directed by Kenichi Tani at Geki PiaMolly Sweeney BlogIt began.
●Interview article with Kaho MinamiClick here for the guidelines.から
*Theater tour will be held on June 6th (Sun)!Detail isClick here for the guidelines.から

Written by Brian Friel
[Translation/Direction] Kenichi Tani (DULL-COLORED POP)
[Art] Yura Amagawa
[Lighting] Shigeo Saito
[Costume] Fumiko Maeda
[Sound] Yasumasa Ogasawara 
[Assistant Director] Norihiko Suzuki
[Technical Director] Akihito Kumagai

[Production Manager] Yasutaka Katsu
[Stage Director Assistant] Yoshiko Haraguchi/Yuka Kaminaga
[Lighting operation] Yusuke Yokohara/Eimi Sato
[Sound Operation] Fumihiko Abe
[Costume Department] Kaoru Nakano [Costume Production] Atsuko Uzawa
[Production Manager Assistant] Mitsuharu Kimura
[Engineering Department Trainee] Mana Kawasaki
[Production of props] Murakami Stage Organization Co., Ltd. / Termic Co., Ltd.
          Art Studio Takuto Co., Ltd. / Toko Co., Ltd. /
          Toshiaki Mizumori (SePT Stage Design) 
[Costume Cooperation] Tokyo Costume Co., Ltd. (Emiko Morita)
[Violin performance] Makiko Kitamura [Violin music cooperation] Yasuteru Yamamoto
[Advertising Art] SUN-AD (Yasuyuki Ikeda/Taika Seko/Yoko Katano/Takeki Utsui)
[Promotion photo] Isamu Uehara (SUN-AD)
[Advertising costumes] Ayako Nakai (Kaho Minami) / Reiko Matsumura (Kazuyuki Aijima, Kensaku Kobayashi)
[Advertising hair and makeup] Masaki Kurata (Kaho Minami) Kumiko Sato (Kazuyuki Aijima, Kensaku Kobayashi)
[Costumes] Camisole (Penny Black / Sanki Shoji Co., Ltd.)

[Legal Advisor] Kensaku Fukui
[Performance rights coordination] Naylor Hara International

[Producer] Chieko Hosaka
[Production] Riki Sugawara [Production Manager] Fumiko Kitazawa
[Voting ticket] Hiroshi Onozuka/Mai Sugaya
[PR] Keiko Miyamura/Aya Wakui/Mitsuyo Takei
[Sales] Chieko Tsuruoka/Eri Yoshikane

[Cooperation] Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co., Ltd.
      Fujiga Office Co., Ltd.
      Grat Co., Ltd.
      Theater Creation Co., Ltd.
      Gorch Brothers Limited
      University of Tsukuba Special Visual Support School
      Social Welfare Corporation Japan Federation of the Blind
      Andrew Fitzsimons, Ph.D
      Haruko Miyasaka/Hirohisa Kubono/Haruko Shirato/Chibi Chao


[Cast] Kaho Minami/Kensaku Kobayashi/Kazuyuki Aijima

Performance schedule

July 2011

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
* The performance time is scheduled to be about 2 hours 25-30 minutes (with intermission).
*Same-day tickets are sold at the theater tram lobby from 60 minutes before the performance.

★ = preview
◎=There is a post-talk

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