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Japanese music concert

"Shishitoraden Aundo vol.5"

Performance period
June 2010, 01 (Thursday) -June 28, 2010 (Thursday)
Setagaya Public Theatre
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General : From Sunday, September 2009, 12
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Saturday, March 2009, 12
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image/Denjiro Tanaka/Hirotada Kamei/Denzaemon Tanaka
Photographed by ?Tadayuki
image/Eitetsu Hayashi/Yoshimasa Kanze/Ainosuke Kataoka

A Japanese music concert where you can enjoy the world of Japanese music from many different angles with a contest of acclaimed musicians and an ingenious program.The theme this time is "pine".The three brothers Hirotada Kamei, Denzaemon Tanaka, and Denjiro Tanaka, along with the Japanese drum player Eitetsu Hayashi, Noh actor Yoshimasa Kanze, and Kabuki actor Ainosuke Kataoka, will present a splendid New Year's performance. I will send it to you.


Hirotada Kamei, Denzaemon Tanaka, Denjiro Tanaka, Yoshimasa Kanze and others
Before you see the performance, I will explain the highlights of the three works in an easy-to-understand manner.

Large drum: Eitetsu Hayashi
Flute: Makoto Takei
A solo piece for the big drum composed by the taiko player Eitetsu Hayashi.Makoto Takei, a flute player, also participated this time.Please enjoy the gorgeous New Year's performance.

Shite: Yoshimasa Kanze
Flute: Yusuke Kuribayashi
Kotsuzumi: Kyosuke Tanabe
Drum: Hirotada Kamei
Drum: Yuichiro Hayashi
Tomonari, the Shinto priest of Aso Shrine in Higo Province, exchanged words with an elderly couple who were cleaning the roots of a pine tree in Takasago, and heard about the reason for the appearance of the pine tree.
The couple reveal that they are the Aioi pine spirits of Takasago Suminoe, and they say they will wait for them in Sumiyoshi, and leave on a small boat.
The party who followed behind saw Sumiyoshi Myojin, who transferred to a shrine and prayed for the throne, and saw a miracle that danced smoothly.

Cubic: Ainosuke Kataoka
Small drum: Denzaemon Tanaka
Drum: Denjiro Tanaka
Flute: Hiroshi Fukuhara
Nagauta: Toshimitsu Kineya
Shamisen: Nagatatsuro Imafuji
The lyrics are taken from the Noh song "Oimatsu".Beginning with the auspiciousness of Oimatsu, the scenery and scenery associated with the pine are developed in a changing melody.It is a congratulatory song, and it is glossy even in the overall elegance.


[Cast] Hirotada Kamei/Denzaemon Tanaka/Denjiro Tanaka/Eitetsu Hayashi/Ainosuke Kataoka/Yoshimasa Kanze/others

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July 2010

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