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SePT solo dance vol.20 Ikuyo Kuroda

Ikuyo Kuroda x Norimizu Ameya “Sokobucket no Soko”

Performance period
September 2010, 01 (Friday) -October 15, 2010 (Sunday)
Theatre tram
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A popular solo dance series featuring solo dances by notable choreographers and dancers. This time, the 20th time, Ikuyo Kuroda, who presides over the dance company BATIK, will appear!
Please look forward to the new work created with Norimizu Ameya, who works on topical works!

At the end of 2009, we interviewed Mr. Ikuyo Kuroda and Mr. Norimizu Ameya, who are working on the creation of "Sokobaketsu no Soko".

?Why did you ask Ameya-san to direct the production?
Kuroda: Exactly one year ago, I saw Ameya-san's work for the first time at "HARAJUKU PERDORMANCE+", and I really wanted to have him direct it.From that point on, I became close to Ameya, and while I have many things in common with Ameya, there are also differences, so I would like to borrow parts that are unique to Ameya to create a large-scale work.

?What is the training like?
Kuroda: While fumbling around.While creating the choreography based on the keywords and ideas I received from Ameya.But so far, I often proceed with "words".Ameya says that I have an “affinity” with “memories” and “choreography.”So this time, I'm trying to challenge the body and choreography, which is a little farther away from that.It is a new direction that is not in my creation.

?This is your first full-fledged solo.
Kuroda: I think there are new discoveries.In my works, I often decide and stick to it, but this time, I'm waiting for it to come down.

Ameya-san, this is your first time directing a dance.
Ameya: That's right.This is the first time I have been asked to direct by a dancer.But since it was ordered, I think there is a meaning to it.I don't watch a lot of dance, so I'm confused and anxious.

What is your impression of Mr. Kuroda?
Ameya: You're a strong person, aren't you?Some parts are similar to mine.He also has directing skills, so at first I was puzzled as to why I was asked to direct (laughs). "Solo dance" is also one of the puzzles.In my work, I don't do it with a small group of people, but I often make it while meeting many people.But I'm progressing while talking with Ikuyo-san in rehearsals.

-Please leave a message for the viewers.
Ameya: I want people to feel something regardless of the genre, such as dance or theater, and regardless of the meaning of dance.It's only two weeks away, but I'd like to be able to see something by the day.

(December 2009, 12 at Setagaya Public Theater rehearsal room)

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[Choreography/Performance] Ikuyo Kuroda
[Director] Norimizu Ameya
[Construction] Ikuyo Kuroda / Norimizu Ameya

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July 2010

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* Performance time is scheduled to be about 1 hours and 10 minutes (no intermission).
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