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MANSAI ◎ Kaitai Shinsho Part XNUMX "Yorishiro"
~Poiesis (Creation) of Staying~

Performance period
2010 year 01 month 29 day (Friday) to 2010 year 01 month 29 day (Friday)
Setagaya Public Theatre
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image/From the previous performance "Kotoba"

◎What is Kaitai Shinsho?
 Mansai Nomura, the artistic director of the Setagaya Public Theater, plans and performs himself, and every time he welcomes a variety of guests for a “talk and performance”.This is a series that "deconstructs" the various fields and elements that make up the world of contemporary art, and reexamines the origins and foundations of each.

◎The theme this time is "Yorishiro"
"Yorishiro" as a medium for descending the spirit of God.I would like to think about the "origin of art" from the example of "things", "time", "space", and "people" that God relies on.

◎ Appearance
●Mansai Nomura
Born in 1966.Kyogen performer.Artistic director of the Setagaya Public Theater.He is the eldest son of Living National Treasure Mansaku Nomura.General Designator of Important Intangible Cultural Property. He presides over Kyogen Gozarunoza.In addition to Noh and Kyogen performances in Japan and overseas, he has starred in the stage productions of "Meridian Ritual," "Oedipus Rex," "Hamlet," and the movie "Onmyoji." In "Machigai no Kyogen", he directed and starred in a stage that made full use of Kyogen techniques, and in "Kunitojin", a stage that tried to fuse classical performing arts and modern art.He is also active in a wide range of fields, such as appearing on NHK Educational TV "Nihongo de Asobo". In 99, he received the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Theater Division Newcomer Award, and the 2003 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Newcomer Award for Arts. In 05, he received the Kinokuniya Theater Award and the Asahi Performing Arts Award for composition and direction of Atsushi: Sangetsu-ki, Meijinden.Main publications include "Mansai de Gozaru" (Asahi Shimbun), "Kyogen Cyborg" (Nihon Keizai Shimbun), "Kyogen Sannin Sansama Nomura Mansai" (Iwanami Shoten), "MANSAI ◎ Kaitai Shinsho" (Asahi Shimbun Publishing) and others.

●Hiroshi Sugimoto
Born in Tokyo in 1948.contemporary artist.After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Rikkyo University, he moved to the United States in 70.He studied photography at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, and moved to New York in 74 to start producing photographs. His series of works such as "Theatre" and "Seascape" have established a high reputation for their clear concept and outstanding technique, and have been exhibited in museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Guggenheim Museum, the Center Pompidou, and the Tate Gallery. It is stored.He is also famous as a collector of works of art ("Sugimoto Collection") ranging from antiquities to contemporary art.In recent years, he has embarked on architectural design, and in 02 he worked on the Go'o Shrine on Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea, and in 09 he worked on the interior design and landscaping of the IZU PHOTO MUSEUM.He is also involved in a wide range of activities, including the establishment of the Odawara Art Foundation and the writing of criticism. He has received the Mainichi Art Award in 88, the Hasselblad Foundation International Photography Award in 01, and the 09st Prince Takamatsu Memorial World Cultural Award (painting category) in 21.He currently resides in New York.His major publications include "Koshi no Musume" and "Gennazo" (both published by Shinchosha).

- Shinichi Nakazawa
Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1950.Thinker and anthropologist.He completed his doctoral course at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities.He is a professor at the Department of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tama Art University.From religion to philosophy, from art to science, he develops flexible thinking in all areas.
Major publications include "Tibetan Mozart" (Serika Shobo, Kodansha Academic Bunko, Suntory Gakugei Award), "Baroque in the Forest" (Kodansha Academic Bunko, Yomiuri Literature Award), "Tetsugaku no Tohoku" (Gentosha Bunko, Saito Ryokuu Award). ), “Philosophia Japonica” (Shueisha, Ito Sei Literary Award), “Cahier Sauvage” 5 volumes (Kodansha Selected Books Métier, of which “Symmetrical Anthropology” won the Kobayashi Hideo Prize), “The King of Spirits” (Serika Shobo, Kodansha), "Earth Diver" (Kodansha, Takeo Kuwabara Arts Award), "Art Anthropology" (Misuzu Shobo), "Trinity Model TRINITY" (Shigesato Itoi, Tokyo), "Micro Cosmos" Series (Shikisha) , “Hunting and Woven Basket Symmetry Anthropology II” (Kodansha), and “Bird Buddhism” (Shinchosha).

Planning cooperation: Odawara Art Foundation

Performance schedule

July 2010

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