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Theater Tram Next Generation vol.2

Theater unit "Fight or flight? 』

Performance period
September 2010, 01 (Sun) - October 24, 2010 (Wed)
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General : From Sunday, September 2009, 11
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Friday, October 2009, 11
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Saturday, March 2009, 11
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image/Theater unit “Fight or flight? (08)
Photographed by Kaori Tochigi

The unit is led by Tsuyoshi Miura, a playwright, actor, cameraman, manga artist, painter, musician, and other versatile artists who gather for each work to create a stage.The performance this time is an ambitious work that was premiered last year and caused controversy.A man who wanders into a remote village with no mobile phone connection tries to return to the city, but is tormented by an invisible "pressure" that does not allow him to do so...

I received a message from Tsuyoshi Miura, the creator and director.
"Fight or flight?"
 The other day, I met the director, Terufumi master.When I talked about the next generation, he said, "It's a great opportunity. The other two groups are probably much more talented and wonderful than you. But even among them, create something outstanding and wonderful."
It is really difficult to balance theater activities and social life.For those who aspire to theater, is theatrical activity a struggle and social life an escape, or is theater an escape and social life a struggle?I don't think the answer is either.Just a word to me who was worried about such a thing.The demon's master ordered him to "fight".Of course, I didn't fight just because I was ordered to.Rather than just withdrawing without a fight, it's not a bad idea to fight recklessly, and if you still lose, pretend that "This is a strategic withdrawal!"I thought.
1 days from January 24th in the new year.In the space of Theater Tram, you can enjoy's new "Fight or Run?"

Also, I am not talking about student struggles.
It is a story of humanity and the universe, universe and life, life and humanity.Please stay tuned.
― Tsuyoshi Miura, President of Theater Unit ―

《Theatrical company profile》
Launched in 1999.It is a virtual and realistic expression unit that does not have the collective characteristics of a theater company, but continues to search for quality by repeatedly meeting, parting, and reuniting with artists of various genres for each work.Playwrights, actors, photographers, manga artists, painters, musicians, etc., centered on the representative Tsuyoshi Miura, we will develop a mysterious and fun stage theater work woven by expressive people regardless of genre.

fast (fai fai) "The parrot looks for a black cat" February 2010th (Wednesday) to 1nd (Friday), 20
FUKAIPRODUCE Hagoromo "Those Recitals" 2010 year 1 month 30 day (Saturday) · 31 date (day)

[Production/Direction] Go Miura

[Cast] Yokichi Naito/Akiko Sato ( Taya/Keisuke Koguchi (Night Tree)/Takehiko Fujita/Shino Utsumi (Tsubokai)/Yusuke Hoshino (Furuta Maru)/Koichi Tomitokoro (A-class war criminal) )/Tomomi Takayasu/Akihiro Hashimoto/Kohei Okuda ( Shigemori/Maria Shigemori/Takumi Urakawa/Jiro Kawarasaki (Haiyuza)/Eyuko Suzuki/Mamiko Amamiya

Performance schedule

July 2010

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
* Performance time is scheduled to be about 1 hours and 50 minutes (no intermission).
*Same-day tickets are sold at the theater tram lobby from 60 minutes before the start of the performance.
◎ = There will be a post-talk by the director


All seats specified
General 2,500 yen

1,250 yen for high school students and younger (available only at the theater ticket center, please present proof of age)


3 theater company set ticket 6,000 yen (Advance sales only available at theater ticket center stores and telephone reservations)

Tomonokai member discount 2,000 yen

Setagaya Arts Card member discount 2,300 yen

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Both the Setagaya Public Theater and Theater Tram have spaces for wheelchair users.Due to the limited number of seats available, reservations are required.

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