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December 2009, 08 (Thursday) -March 06, 2009 (Sunday)
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General : From Friday, October 2009, 06
Pre-registration for Tomonokai members: From Wednesday, April 2009, 06
Advance reservation for Setagaya Arts Card members: From Thursday, May 2009, 06
The relationship between technology and the body in stage expression enters a new stage!
An interactive stage space created by the gathering of XNUMX artists who are active at the forefront of stage, music, video, and media design.Two performers standing in it, Tsuyoshi Shirai (AbsT) and Takao Kawaguchi (Dumb Type).By instantly synchronizing their movements with sound, images, and LED lighting, the entire stage functions as if it were a single living organism.
After the first performance in 2007 and an overseas tour, the first performance in Tokyo!


●A long interview with Takayuki Fujimoto (Director/Lighting) is now available!
The Japan Foundation Performing Arts Website Performing Arts Network Japan

★ "true" related project workshop report ★

On July 7th, Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi, members of true Creation, held the "Family Experience! Digital x Body Workshop" at the Setagaya Public Theater.A total of 19 pairs of parents and children participated in the morning and afternoon sessions.

At the workshop, participants tried various experiments using the "myoelectric sensors" actually worn by the dancers in the work "true" and small LED lights.The "myoelectric sensor" attached to the arm detects the weak electricity emitted when the muscles move, transmits it wirelessly to a computer, and through the computer the signal is converted into sound, light (LED light), and vibration. I experienced it.
Children, fathers and mothers were fascinated by the unknown digital world.

Photos on Daito Manabe's websiteNow posted


Left: When you attach the "myoelectric sensor" to your arm and put a lot of power into it, the vibrator (gray, tubular) on the desk starts to move.An experiment in which electrical signals emitted by muscles are converted into vibrations via a computer.

Middle: Two children attach "myoelectric sensors" to their arms, and when they apply force, Manabe's face begins to twitch.The left and right sides of Manabe's face are receiving different signals, so it's kind of strange.

Right: Finally, we took a commemorative photo with the LED light inside the mouth.


Flyer image/

The experimental video "electricstimulus to face-test" by Daito Manabe, who was in charge of system design, programming and sound for true, has already achieved over 130 million views on YouTube.
His experimental spirit, which appears here, is an important factor in true.

Experimental video in the production of "Tablemind" produced by Daito Manabe in 2004 with Takao Kawaguchi.
Sound is generated from minute movements using the value of the myoelectric sensor.He prepared various commands in the same way as the game, and experimented with his own approach, such as changing the sound pattern.
Two dancers wear myoelectric sensors in "true".It instantly analyzes the sent signal and changes the sound, video, and LED lighting in real time.

[Choreography/performer] Tsuyoshi Shirai (AbsT, Hojoto)
[Choreography, text, performance] Takao Kawaguchi (dumb type)

[Direction/Lighting] Takayuki Fujimoto (dumb type)
[Sound, vibration, system design, programming] Daito Manabe
[Audio/Video/Visual Design] Takuya Minami (softpad)
[Video/Programming] Tetsushi Horii (rhizomatiks)
[Mechanical Design] Seiichi Saito (rhizomatiks)
[Device Programming] Motoi Ishibashi (DGN)
[Sensor system] Masaki Teruoka (VPP)
[Costume Design] Noriko Kitamura

Performance schedule

July 2009

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
* Performance time is scheduled to be about 1 hours and 10 minutes (no intermission).
*Same-day tickets are sold at the theater tram lobby from 60 minutes before the start of the performance.
◎ = Post-talk performers decided!
a = Atsushi Sasaki (Critic, HEADZ) x Takayuki Fujimoto x Seiichi Saito
b = Chie Ito (Strange Kinoko Dance Company) x Hiroshi Hitama (dancer) x Takao Kawaguchi x Tsuyoshi Shirai
c = MIKIKO (choreographer who works on Perfume, etc.) x Daito Manabe x Motoi Ishibashi

*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.


All seats specified
General 3,500 yen / 3,800 yen on the day

*Students 3,000 yen (Only Highwood is available)

Tomonokai member discount 3,300 yen

Setagaya Arts Card member discount 3,400 yen

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