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Goldfish (Yukio Suzuki)

"The Edge of Words"
Toyota Choreography Award 2008 Winner Performance

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September 2009, 07 (Friday) -October 24, 2009 (Sunday)
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image/Photo = 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

What's New ●Information about posting articles related to the performance.
An interview article is posted on page 7 of "DDD" (August issue), which is on sale as of July 14th.
He talks about the back side of the audition that 80 people gathered and his commitment to creation.

An interview with Yukio Suzuki has arrived!

A residency + performance was held at the 7st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa (June 24th and 21th) prior to the Tokyo performance of Kotoba no En, which will be performed at Theater Tram from July 6th.
After two weeks of residency in a luxurious creative environment, we received many comments such as, "I couldn't take my eyes off you for a moment!"This is an interview with choreographer Yukio Suzuki about his new work Kotoba no En, while looking back on his stay in Kanazawa.

――How was your stay at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa?

 I think I was able to get closer to the work and the members by sleeping and eating together with the members for two weeks.In order to make this work, it was a challenge with a large number of nine people this time.There were many dancers who were participating for the first time, and before I could fully convey everything from the coordination of body sensations to the way they moved in the Tokyo rehearsals, I started making works.
When I left Tokyo, I think I left with the feeling that something had to change in Kanazawa.

However, being with 9 people was so lively and fun that I forgot about such a serious matter.Also, being able to rehearse every day at the theater allowed me to come up with new ideas, have thorough discussions with the dancers, and work on the piece.

――The title of this work is “The Edge of Words”…

 I would like to deepen the work "Beyond Words" that was announced in December last year. I don't think we should believe in "words" too much, and we shouldn't just rely on "body".I want to create works that can be approached from both directions.

 Until now, I have continued to create solo and small groups in order to confront my own body. and.In today's world, where collectivity has no reality, there is a sense of "individuals and groups", or "reality", and I want to make it a reality.If you can depict the relationship that keeps dodging, it will be a very thrilling dance.

――It will be a Tokyo performance about a month after the Kanazawa performance, but will the work continue to change?

 yes.It keeps changing day by day.At the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, I was given the opportunity to try many different things, so I would like to reflect on that experience and try to make it even more interesting.I would like people who have never seen "contemporary dance" to see it.

Various types of bodies collide violently with each other, and sometimes stand quietly.A unique production that seems to swim through time and space is sure to give thrills to many spectators, even if they are not dance fans.
A dance that moves back and forth between words and the body, as if pulling together an edge.Yukio Suzuki, an up-and-coming choreographer who is currently attracting the most attention, presents a new challenge with a total of nine dancers!A body that continues to scream desperately, and words that clumsily tangle around.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the world of goldfish (Yukio Suzuki).

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Award-winning performance by up-and-coming choreographer Yukio Suzuki, who won the Grand Prix of the Next Generation Choreographer at last year's Toyota Choreography Award 2008. The edgy dance that goes back and forth between the “edges of words” opens up an unknown world created by the body.

[Direction/Choreography/Performance] Yukio Suzuki

[Cast] Nao Ajimine/Takeo Ishii/Wakana Kato/Keiji Kawai/Arisa Kusumi/Nanae Hayashi/Takuya Fujita/Etsuyo Yano/Akari Yuasa

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