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Reading Japanese Part 2 - Performance in drama reading style

Performance period
December 2009, 05 (Friday) -January 01, 2009 (Monday)
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image/ Yasushi Hasegawa Photographed by Hideki Namai Takuya Senda Mook Akazawa Photographed by Maiko Miyagawa

In May of last year, nine young directors staged excellent modern and contemporary Japanese works written in the 5s and 60s in a drama-reading format, drawing out the appeal of the works. "Reading Japanese".
As the second installment, this time, we will deliver it by three young directors. Annette Hasegawa of Mt.Fuji, who attracted attention with her work that emphasized physicality at the Theater Tram performance in January 2. Last time, Hindu 3 times received high acclaim for her bold production of "Death in the Morning." Takuya Senda, Mook Akazawa of the Black Kitan Canary school, a female director who is attracting attention for her unique worldview by spinning an aesthetic story, with a new performance at Theater Tram in April.
Please enjoy their new charm and rich Japanese works.

★We have received comments from the director regarding the performance of the drama reading.

● “What is reading? I keep thinking about it.
Where is leading and where is it not?I don't think there is an answer.
Just perform in front of you.I don't want it to be something that requires you to close your eyes and listen carefully.
Read so much that it's a pity for the blink of an eye. (Hasegawa Yasushi)

● “Like last year, I will be in charge of directing 'Reading Japanese'.
With the help of skilled theater staff and wonderful actors,
This year, I will challenge the genius Shuji Terayama.Please stay tuned. (Takuya Senda)

● "I'm going to do a modest production. I don't want to destroy the richness of the old man's silence." (Akazawa Mook)

A "Two Women" [Written by Juro Kara] [Directed by Yasushi Hasegawa (Annette Fujiyama)
B Farewell to the Movies [Author] Shuji Terayama [Director] Takuya Senda (XNUMX Hindus)
C "Sumika" [Author] Shogo Ota [Director] Akazawa Mook (Black Kitan Canary School)

. “Reading Japanese Part 2” Call for Setagaya Citizen Theater Reporters *Closed

[Appearance] A "Futari no Onna"
 Seika Kuze/Sotaro Tanaka
 Eriko Aso/Masayoshi Ishikawa/Shoichiro Tanikawa/Takashi Yamanaka/Kazutoyo Yoshimi
B "Farewell, it's a movie"
 Yutaka Matsushige/Kazutoyo Yoshimi/Takashi Yamanaka
C "House"
 Reiko Kusamura/Katsuya Kobayashi/Seika Kuze

Performance schedule

July 2009

Day Month Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
19:00 B◎
19:00 C◎
13: 00A
16:00 B◎
☆It was decided in a hurry☆
On the 4th (Mon/holiday) at 16:3pm, there will be a post-performance talk by the three directors (Yasui Hasegawa, Takuya Senda, and Mook Akazawa) after the performance of Farewell to the Movies.
◎ = There will be a post-talk by the director
*Performance time◆ (each work, no intermission)
A "Futari no Onna" about 70 minutes
B Farewell to the movie About 50 minutes
C "Sumika" About 60 minutes (planned)
*Same-day tickets are sold at the theater tram lobby from 30 minutes before each performance.
*Preschool children are not allowed to enter.After the performance, you may not be able to get to your original seat.Please note.


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TSSS ¥500

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