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Setagaya Public Theater Free Stage 2009

Performance period
December 2009, 04 (Wednesday) -January 29, 2009 (Tuesday)
Setagaya Public Theater Theater Tram
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Setagaya Public Theater "Free Stage" will be held for the 13th time this year. Since its inaugural program in April 97, it has been held as an annual spring festival with the residents of Setagaya Ward.
This time around, more than 50 participants from about 700 groups will gather at two theaters and showcase their daily achievements over the course of three days! !
"Free stage" where the stage and the audience are wrapped in smiles.Please feel free to visit the theater.

[Participating groups]

■ April 4 (Wednesday/holiday)
★Setagaya Classical Ballet Federation★ Venue: Public Theater
16:00 start
    Part 1, Part 2 <Collection of short pieces>
    Part 3 "Paquita"
    Akemi Inagi Ballet Associates / Inoue Ballet Academy / Okawa Ballet Studio / Kaitani Academy of Arts / Kishibe Ballet Studio / Keiko Kurihashi Ballet Studio / Futako Konishi Ballet School / J.HONDA BALLET / Maeda Ballet Academy

★Western music★ Venue: Theater Tram
15:00 start
    Ayun-ayung Ayun-Ayun/Umi Nagisa & Lila/Brilliante C5/Yuko Nakagawa & Yukiko Mizuma/Naohiko Higashi Canzone Lilico '09/Sunny Side Ups/Recorder Ensemble Pipo/Miki Ozawa/Handbell Belize/Tama Musical Singers/Gold Becher Mennerkol/Friendship Chamber Ensemble/Mitsuru Chorus with La La La Youga/Setagaya Citizens Chorus

■ 5 Month 3 day (Sunday)
★Dance★ Venue: Public Theater
15:00 start
    Swing/Shara Modern Jazz Dance Studio/Black Sheep/Japan Social Dance Theater/K Dance Art/RIOSOL Riosol/MIX JUICE (Dance Kitchen)/1st Ave./Danse Emotion【Geranium】/UNION RING DanceCompany/MIEKO'S DANCE PARK / Optimistic Dance Community / Shinomi Performing Dance / Setagaya Weekend Early Morning Dance Community / Setagaya Dance Network [EDSP, TM Danceworks, Que, sera, sera, R-JAZZ-CLASSE, VACATION CLUB, Mina2 Dancing Team, mariko dance factory]

■ May 5 (Tuesday/holiday)
★Hula Dance, Classical Ballet★ Venue: Public Theater
14:00 start
    Setagaya Aloha, Senior Citizens College Hula/Bara Andalusa no Kai/Lanikai Shiokai/Ilima Hula/Keiko Yamada Spanish Dance Company/Courique Pikake Hula Club/Furarea Lefra/Mochizuki Ballet Studio/Junior Ballet & Aero Circle/A Ballet Studio/ Chiiho Classic Ballet Academy

*Although each day is listed in order of scheduled appearance on the day of the performance, the time and content may change due to circumstances.Please note.

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