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Produced by Setagaya Public Theater Artistic Director Mansai Nomura

MANSAI ◎ Kaitai Shinsho No. XNUMX
"Contour"?Affordance of expression?

Performance period
2006 year 07 month 21 day (Friday) to 2006 year 07 month 21 day (Friday)
Setagaya Public Theatre
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◎What is Kaitai Shinsho?
 Mansai Nomura, the artistic director of the Setagaya Public Theater, plans and performs himself, and every time he welcomes a variety of guests for a <talk & performance>.This is a series that "deconstructs" the various fields and elements that make up the world of contemporary art, and reexamines the origins and foundations of each.

◎The theme this time is "contour" 
Mansai's "art" is created on a naked stage with no decoration, using "words" and "body". Soun's "calligraphy" is created on a blank sheet of paper using "character" and "body".The expression of the two people is just like drawing a <line>.From the viewpoint of cognitive science such as affordance theory, I would like to consider the two people's "expression behavior = movement" that stirs the imagination of the viewer, listener, and experiencer.

[Planning/Performance] Mansai Nomura
 Born in 1966.Kyogen performer.Artistic director of the Setagaya Public Theater.The eldest son of Mansaku Nomura. He made his stage debut at the age of three. He presides over Kyogen Gozarunoza.He has received the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival New Face Award and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology New Face Award.In addition to the classical stage, he has directed and appeared in plays that make full use of Kyogen techniques such as "Machigai no Kyogen" and "In a Grove", as well as the stage productions of "Meridian Enshrinement", "Oedipus King", "Hamlet", and the movie "Onmyoji". Widely active, including starring inHe is also questioning the state of the Japanese language as a Kyogen performer on NHK's "Nihongo de Asobo". In 3, he received the Kinokuniya Theater Award and the Asahi Performing Arts Award for composition and direction of Atsushi Sangetsu-Meijinden.His major works include "Mansai de Gozaru", "Kyogen Cyborg", and "Kyogen Sannin Sanyo Nomura Mansai no Maki".

[The guests] Soun Takeda
 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1975.calligrapher.He graduated from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science. From the age of three, he studied under his calligrapher, his mother Futaba Takeda.After graduating from university, he joined NTT.After working for about three years, he became an independent calligrapher.He presides over the calligraphy class "Futaba no Mori".He is attracting attention for his original creative activities, such as collaborations with various artists such as musicians and sculptors, and innovative solo exhibitions.
 In 2003, he was awarded the "Long Hua Cui Award" by the Shanghai Museum of Fine Arts, China.In the same year, she was awarded the Costanza Medici Art Award in Florence, Italy.Movie "Spring Snow", "Northern Year Zero", TV Asahi "Kemonomichi", TBS
Worked on numerous titles, including the 50th anniversary Taiga drama "Satomi Hakkenden" and the global house booths of the Aichi Expo "Aichi Expo".He has also performed many calligraphy performances both domestically and internationally, including events in Fuji Rock Festival, Moscow, Russia, Switzerland, and Geneva.His publications include The Joy of Writing Calligraphy, Calligraphy, and Tanoshika.

Masato Sasaki
 Born in Hokkaido in 1952.ecological psychologist.He graduated from the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Psychosomatic Disability Studies.He is currently a professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies and Graduate School of Education.Major publications include "Body: Origins of Cognition", "Affordances: A New Theory of Cognition", "Affordances" (co-author), "Where Is Intelligence Born: Darwin and Affordances", "Perception Never Ends: An Invitation to Affordances", "Affordances". Conception: Ecopsychological Design of Perceptual Research, Affordances and Actions (edited and written), and Layout Laws: Art and Affordances.  

[Planning/Performance] Mansai Nomura
[Cast] Souun Takeda/Masato Sasaki  

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July 2006

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3,500 yen / standing room 3,000 yen

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